Caption Samantha Ronson

August 1st, 2008 // 9 Comments

Check out all the photos of Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan in the gallery.

By Fabian Davis

  1. flymea993

    It’s an automatic? Ah man. Here I was wanting to be Sam, thinking she was cool as hell and one lucky girl, and now I find out she’s driving an automatic Porsche. My image of her is blown. She has no excuse for the automatic tranny as it’s not like she’s an old man with back problems. She is a Porsche poser. I’m surprised it’s not a turbo (automatic turbo is the ultimate Porshce poser car. If you drive one, you are not a car enthusiast, you are a poser. Learn how to drive). I’ll make fun of you if I see you at the gas station or car wash. I may only have a plain jane C2 996, but it’s a real, manual Porsche (and it’s not leased either).

    Porsche didn’t make a real automatic until 1999 (yes I know about the PDK). They never should have. If you can’t, or won’t, drive stick, you shouldn’t drive a Porsche. Get yourself an AMG so no one will even question that you don’t know how to drive stick.

  2. hoosiermom

    Dude Looks Like A Lady…in reverse

  3. d.LauRen


    All ready then….. someone is serious about their stick thing….

    I wish i could afford stick or not porsche…

    and yes, I can drive a stick men/cars… thank you very much

  4. roxierox


  5. Anne Arkham

    Samantha Ronson shakes it off.

  6. misc

    She has worse posture then my grandma. She’s going to have a hump back when she’s 40.

  7. AugustOne

    Sam, it’s not that hard! Hint: It works the same way as your strap on.

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen

    Hmmm stick the hose into the hole and liquid comes out, it’s so new to ME.

    Why is everything penis shaped and male oreinted!

    I’m not use to liquid actually coming out of the dild.

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