Caption Rachael Ray

February 23rd, 2007 // 29 Comments
By Jessica Marx

  1. Robin

    I had to give my neck for this statue!

  2. Tine

    Shit! I’m shorter and fatter than the wax version of myself.

  3. sarah

    Shorter, fatter AND UGLIER!
    I hope my wax figure doesn’t talk!!

  4. RRH8ter

    “Oh my god, I am tub of lard and everyone is going to see it next to this! Looks like that brib money I paid that wax sculpor to look at a picture of that Roz from Frasier instead of me paid off! Yum-OOOOHHH”

  5. Strudell

    Rachel Ray commissions a scapegoat for her drunken rascist tirades.

  6. Well, they say the wax takes off 10lbs.

  7. Well, they say the wax takes off 10lbs!

  8. Jen

    which one is the wax figure? hmmmm, is this Rachel Ray or JOKER? what’s with the smile…geez

  9. Jupiter8

    “At least they got my man-hands right!”

  10. Joya

    Oprah! You shouldn’t have! I totally don’t deserve this!

  11. Julie

    OMG! They even have wax vodka in my coffee cup!

  12. RD

    Wax figure: “Security!”

  13. RALPH


  14. dondadav

    On today’s menu, Fatty Ham.

  15. JaneSays

    “No, see, the room got too warm so some of the wax melted off the statue. That’s why I look like a braised hog next to her. I’m not fat; really…I’m not. Am I?”

  16. Mukster

    One is wax, and one is plastic – you guess which is which

  17. alienromeo

    “Is there vodka in that cup?”

  18. denise

    i can’t believe they think this woman is important enough to make a wax anything of her! they should be making it out of a tub of lard!

  19. Wilhelm

    Sorry guys, i accidentally melted my wax figure with this coffee.

  20. How many Rachael Rays does it take to hold a cup of coffee?

  21. If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change.

  22. karnubawax

    Racheal Ray tries to take coffee away from newly-brunette Kelly Rippa

  23. ginger

    “Oh damn….my arms look like fat sausages….hey wait, is this statue made of lard…YUM!”
    (takes a big bite)

  24. shocka

    A second wax sculpture of Rachel Ray had to be made after the first one started melting.

  25. Hokku241

    See, Dr. Greenberg, I want you to make my breasts this big! And can you lipo my hips just like this? And make me taller? And botox me so I can’t twist my face this way?

  26. the king is dead

    Before and After the Britney Deconstruction of Life ang Good Looks Plan. Waiting on Hair Removal and Chihuahua.

  27. PQ


  28. I soooooooooooo want her boobs…..(the wax ones)!

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