Caption Pete Wentz

August 27th, 2007 // 26 Comments


More photos of Pete Wentz and the monkey after the jump.


By Michael Prieve

  1. diddleysquat

    Pete: “How did I get myself into this sh*t?”
    Monkey: “How did I get myself into this sh*t?”

  2. lb

    Wow, the resemblance is uncanny! Are they related?

  3. BK

    There’s a monkey on my ass!

  4. frank rizzo

    wow, that monkey takes big sh*ts

  5. Telling his father that he is gay is the other monkey on his back.

  6. “Ashlee, I asked you not to jump on my head.”

  7. Persistent Cat

    He’s wearing more make-up than usual.

  8. adam

    An epic meeting of the minds.

  9. Debbie

    Hey! Why does that skeez get a monkey, but I can’t have one?

  10. your mom

    Like father like son, including the eye color

  11. eric

    Great!!! A monkey sitting on a no talent fag!!!!Nice job. This should really get people reading this blog!!!

  12. george

    put the monkey in a shelter or animal reserve…the abuse of animals by the entertainment industry equals to that of Mike Vick….wild animals need to be away from people

  13. ZeldaF

    Ok, but first tell me which one is the monkey?

  14. operaghost

    “Sigh. I really should have gotten a Capital One home loan.”

  15. ZeldaF

    On closer look, I think that monkey (the one without the hat) has a little lipstick action goin’ on…

  16. Todd

    Wow…Ashlee Simpson really looks attractive. She get a new nose?

  17. Joe Mama

    I dunno, Doc. It started out as a bump on my ass.

  18. iren33

    He wears more make-up than usually and it turns into a monkey.

  19. kim

    Why do those two always have to pose in the exact same way. Him, staring blankly into space. Her, smiling slightly with her head cocked towards his. On the plus side, Ashley looks good as a brunette.

  20. nymphetomine

    god I’m lazy today. I couldn’t think up this stuff till next week. You guys are hilarious.

  21. Kris

    This is what happens when I forget to put on my eyeliner. I pick up the strangest looking girls.

  22. Scout

    Ever the gentleman, Pete gives Ashlee a lift home after a late night of bar-hopping.

  23. kari_lance

    Which one is Pete Wentz?

  24. amanda

    poor monkey… their eyes look the same !

  25. Jenn

    It isn’t everyday you get to see evolution in the works. This is apparently when primates started to use tools.

  26. PERRYMAN333

    lolz! u guys (and girls) sure can think up some funny sh*t!

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