Caption Paris

February 1st, 2007 // 40 Comments


By Jessica Marx

  1. Chastity pillow.



  2. Nina

    Hello! Whore.

  3. Gator Duck

    Ohhhhh. I’m hot. I’m special. Do you want me?

  4. anon.

    oh, paris. you just keep making it easier, don’t you?

  5. Anthony

    Hello Pussy.

  6. Jinxy McDeath


  7. Alice

    Amber bringing in her kitty to be checked for herpes

  8. “Look at my Pussy” Hello! I don’t think we need to EVER do that again!

  9. Valtrex

    Paris and her Hello Kitty contraceptive sponge

  10. lexi

    i finally found a pussy as big as mine!!!! thats hott.

  11. marzipan

    ‘Maybe if I hug this tight enough my innocence will return.’

  12. Paris is just airing out her pussy. AGAIN.

  13. kstew

    Hello Titty

  14. Amelia

    Paris Hilton visits nuclear power plant to test enlargement of “Hello Kitty” pillows and leaves with fashionable anti-radiation glasses!

  15. tinkersplat

    a giant vaginal scrubber new from the hilton collection. mmm pussy for your pussy.

  16. clumberguy

    Hello, Coke Bag.

  17. Mike Webber

    Hello Shitty

  18. m

    “i’ve got a pussy to put my head… hot!”

  19. danaleri

    HOLD ON KITTY……it’s gonna be a long ride.

  20. Aw Yeah

    Hello Herpes!

  21. Tilly

    Paris finally buys herself a new pussy!

  22. Sonia

    Big Pussy sans Soprano

  23. Bilal

    Could some one tell her its not real!

  24. me

    “I’m holding on tight to this pussy for support. With my new movie, I mean leaked personal information, I’m very distraught.”

  25. Azraelle

    Do we really need to see Paris and her huge floppy pussy again? Really???

  26. theresa s

    “At least this pussy won’t lead to a prescription the whole world will see……safe sex”

  27. Ruthie

    Do you like my Big Floppy Pussy?? I think my Kitty is HOT!

  28. AT

    Two dirty pussy’s for the price of one!

  29. John-boy's Mole

    After finding out “Hello Kitty” head has a higher IQ, Paris clutches her tightly, hoping its intellect will rub off on her.

  30. Victoria


  31. Raulstetson

    Paris’ ass goiter reaches epic proportions

  32. Fembotron

    So like…when I get an outbreak, they look as big as my hello kitty.

  33. kim

    Looks like someone has figured out how to drag a colostomy bag around without attracting too much attention.

  34. Nicolle

    Another picture of Paris Hilton with her tampon.

  35. Unknown

    Dirty, recist retarded whore in ugly sunglasses kidnaps kitty. Authorities trying desperately to locate them, before innocent kitty gets herpes. News alt 11.

  36. Boo

    “For once, when Paris flaunts a kitty, it’s not her own.”

  37. agd

    Hey Ho Kitty

  38. rd

    Paris brings Lindsay her 5kg “pillow” for inpatient rehab

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