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March 23rd, 2007 // 44 Comments

That’s Michael posing with his nephew.

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By Jessica Marx

  1. Eew eew, gross gross gross!!!!!!!

  2. Eew eew, gross gross gross!!!!!!!

  3. SmartyPants

    Since when did Diana Ross get to be so white?

  4. Bella

    Keepin’ it in the family.

  5. -Adoration

    Plastic Surgery’R'Us. Get nine procedures with us, get one for your family memeber free. Special pedophile (alleged) discount.

  6. lookwhaticando

    I don’t even began to know how to comment on that picture.

  7. big rosie greenbaum

    Caption: “Crime Begins At Home”

  8. Filler

    MJ shows off his formerly white Dorian Gray doppelganger.

  9. Danielle

    Who’s Bad!

  10. indoorvoice

    yeah, i had an uncle like that too

  11. Tonysgirl

    That is just soooooooo GROSS!!!!

    I am gonna be sick!!!!

  12. MadCat

    What a sick sick sick family. Are they so out of touch with reality to think this is OK? Just another family portrait….yeah right!

  13. Hellen

    Eeeeewwwww now i have to hurl!

  14. skewei

    Something about this is quite disturbing!!!!!! Gross even

  15. savokia

    Eew! I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  16. Cinestarr

    There’s just no words…OMG!

  17. L-chan



    And, in a declaration who can make me look as a bad and insane person, the photo is gross and disturbing in so many levels unknown by mankind… but the Wacko Jackson’s nephew looks (somewhat) hot. So sad he has to pose with his wacky uncle; alone he could pass by a good-looking underwear model.

  18. This is my package. This is my uncle fondling my package. Any questions?

  19. Mrs. Fiesty

    See? I CAN keep my hands to myself around young boys!

  20. J

    Can y’all not SEE that this pic is photoshopped? Look how big his nephew’s head is in proportion to the body. Give me a damn break.

  21. genevieve83

    that kid’s head doesn’t look photoshopped to me. If that were the case, both heads look photoshopped. But I’d be hard pressed to find someone who could alter that freaking pasty body skin color to match Mike’s face.

    As far as the caption, no words can describe this hellacious photo. Whoever that kid is, his career as a model – if he wanted one – if officially in the toilet.

  22. Cyndi

    I never comment on most celeb craps, but I hope 2 God that pic is a fake. What a twisted way of outing your sick perverted family thing in a public way!

  23. K8inhawaii

    savokia said:

    “Eew! I just threw up in my mouth a little.”

    I just threw up in my mouth ALOT!!!

  24. Seriously???

    For the third time today I felt the need to let all those (whom I really don’t believe are that naive) know that this a photo of Michael posing with his nephew (Tito’s) son to promote the album. Completely photoshopped, as I have the original album cover at home. Let’s not be ridiculously ignorant people. Bash Michael if you want, I can see why anyone would, but don’t make yourself look like an idiot while doing it….lest you be just as mundane as the jackass who puts time into doctoring such a photo.

    -i’m just sayin’

  25. XmeX

    “Why go across town when you can go across the Neverland hall?”

  26. Kennedy

    It’s Michael’s fag alter ego.

  27. TheEnd

    Caption: “Dew Me”

  28. superficially

    Crime Begins At Home – hahahahahahahahahahhahahahah

    look at his little piggy lolololololol
    He’s so sexual

  29. Christie

    I feel nauseated and I’m not joking. UGH!

  30. Krystal K

    where is chris hansen when you need him…

  31. akare

    Left: What it is
    Right: What it could have been

  32. Mara

    “I wouldn’t do anything with him! He’s atleast 14, that’s far too old for me!”

  33. steve

    See Uncle Mike, Im not 8yo anymore so quit hitting on me. * reveals pubes now*

  34. monchichi

    Off to Neverland!

  35. whoa

    It is obvious to anyone with an ounce of sense and decency that Mr. Joe Jackson did a “number” on his clan. The sins of the father… the generational curse continues to this day.

    To make matters worse, they are all plastic surgery junkies!

  36. clair

    Just beat it!

  37. Mel


    I though this site was better than this!

  38. Grant

    pssst…Mikey, I know you have the Jesus juice an all, well I have the Jermaine juice right down here…wanna sip?

  39. Johnny Warlord

    Damn this sucks! They grow up so fast!!!

  40. Johnny Warlord

    It seems like only yesterday that I was… ur… hmmm…Playing with his…ur… toys.

  41. mjlover

    Michael jackson is sexy…….but this picture is sick and wrong

  42. mjlover

    Michael jackson is sexy…….but this picture is sick and wrong

  43. Miss Michael J

    To all those ignorant people who don’t know and don’t bother to do the research before commenting on a picture here’s some info. Taryll was born August 8, 1975 their “Why” single came out on their 1996 album “Brotherhood”. This photoshoot was for their “Why” single. Taryll was 20 or 21 years old when this picture was taken, HE WAS GROWN PEOPLE!!!!! Ya’ll talk about Michael like this and like that, but that is a grown man half nekkid up there doin what is his prerogative. Also, if you look on google images there is another picture where they all are there and you can see that Taryll in that “Tunic?” alreayd has nothing on under that. OPEN YOUR EYES. The ILLUMINATI is still trying to ruin his image even in death! May God be with you all!

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