Caption Madonna

April 19th, 2007 // 28 Comments


By Jessica Marx

  1. leilah

    Don’t tell anybody, but this is where I get my hair extensions from…

  2. Collar boy

    “Forget the Rabbit, I found my new BFF and it works wonders”

  3. Sue

    “Guy, I heard what you said to that reporter…you know what happens when you talk to the reporters without my permission…”

  4. sal

    Is this low fat?

  5. Sarah

    So it’s like eating an ice cream cone….try not to use your teeth….now…relax your throat…..

  6. lynn

    Guy, you wanted me to get my hands dirty…. you what Im going to do to you with this now?

  7. Didi

    Well, what do you know…she finally pulled that corncob out of her butt.

  8. Liz

    This banana looks funny…

  9. Sarah

    Can you teach us to make giant CORN?!? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….hahaha…..haha… ha…..::sigh:: hmm. Shameless Dane cook joke. That I’m guessing NONE of you got…

    God I can’t stand Madonna…

  10. jen

    I’m gonna use this in my next show…

  11. stephanie

    “Ha, ha, very funny guys…now, who dislodged this corn cob from my ass?”

  12. Dan

    It’s me and this thing unless one of you boys wants to Man-Up!

  13. BARF

    ‘One more rock thrown at ANY of my armoured cars, and I’m telling you Brother, this here corn is going where the sun don’t shine…..’

  14. MardiGras

    This is MY corn!! Nobody else’s! It’s MINE! Get away from me! You can’t have it! It’s MINE!!

  15. Kathyrn

    But, don’t ya’ll have any toilet paper?

  16. ryan ross

    This Cob would fit perfectly up my bird

  17. kat

    You’re too big to fir in here
    Too big to fit in here
    Too big to fit in here!

  18. Natalie A

    Think I’d get as much media attention if I adopted this one too????

  19. P

    Back when I was a self-proclaimed Boy Toy, I had to take one of these up the ass on a nightly basis. At least I got free clothes for it!

  20. Scott C.

    Corn can be prepared many ways – It can be boiled, shucked, creamed… or in this case, dried!
    Corn can also be used to make… …tortillas!

    Do we have any Mexican-American orphans
    with us today? Well Buenos Dias! Do I hear someone’s stomach growling?

    And no, Lourdes, there’s no basement at the Alamo!

  21. margaretta

    Are you sure this is how Minnie Pearl started?

  22. Moi

    An African vibrator you say? Hmm…Good for the environment–no plastics, reusable, biodegradable, no electricity needed–nice size and texture…I’ll take it!

  23. FOLLY

    corn smut

  24. J

    I’ll give you some corn if you can remember the last time I was relevant.

  25. J

    I’ll give you some corn if you can remember the last time I was relevant.

  26. J

    I’ll give you some corn if you can remember the last time I was relevant.

  27. steff

    It’s so much better than a French Tickler!

  28. jau

    “I’ve decided to start adopting vegetables…”

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