Caption Lindsay!

February 5th, 2007 // 11 Comments


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By Jessica Marx

  1. dina

    What is this stuff they call “water?”

  2. dina

    oooh, i got a better one:

    w-ww-wa-wat- wat- er. wwat-er.

  3. Holly

    Doing her part to end global warming, Lindsay finally finds a use for all of those empty beer cans.

  4. K. Ross

    Hey…I think there’s alcohol in this product…I wonder if they’ll notice if I chug it?

  5. -A

    Ah cool water. Nothing makes the canserous cigarete smoke go down easier than a bottle of cool, refreshing, overpriced “water.”

  6. Gossip Guru

    The drink she is holding is not an alcholic drink, it is an energy drink called Blue Bawls.

  7. Guru is correct.

    Nothing like a nice cig after sucking down some bawls.


  8. HockeyBukakke

    Only 30 proof ? What the fuck! Pass me the Everclear.

  9. anonymous

    “hey… what the… this isnt semen… it’s WATER! EEEWWWWWWWWWW”

  10. Grant Kennedy

    Scotch, scotchy, scotch…I love scotch, drink it down, into my belly…

  11. chiari

    “breast implants in a bottle” cool!

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