Caption Josh Duhamel

January 22nd, 2007 // 11 Comments

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By Jessica Marx

  1. Czarina

    What is so hot about this guy anyway!!
    He is a total butterface.
    Also, looks like he aint packin much!

  2. Czarina??????
    What are you talking about? He is HAWT!!!! (from his neck down to his belly button)

    As far as his package…have you seen that bag’o'std’s he calls a girlfriend? His unit probably went AWOL.

  3. brian

    HE’S bringing sexy back,not that little boy Justin Timberflake.

  4. “I swear to you, Mr. Trump, there are men out there that will wear these!”

  5. Erin

    Taste the rainbow

  6. Teeny weenie butterface! LOL. Josh, you ain’t got nothing going for you!

  7. janice

    OMG Josh is a hottie, even in crappy clothes!

  8. leslie

    So true! Pipsqueak, little boy Justin who sounds like a castrated cat cant compare to Josh! Josh is a hottie!

  9. Jen

    to josh’s hot pants: fergie’s fergilicious vomit.

  10. redegg

    “I’m a big kid now”

  11. redegg

    “I’m a big kid now!”

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