Caption Jordan and Peter Andre

April 12th, 2007 // 18 Comments


More tackiness after the jump.

The matching outfits completely kill me.


By Jessica Marx

  1. She sings: “I’m gonna have a gay baby… I’m gonna have a gay baby…”

  2. lynn

    Is that a Posh in your belly or is David Beckham under your dress holding your boobs up?

  3. Jenn

    After extensive reconstructive surgery to repair massive tiger mauling scars, Roy Horn (left) and new partner get ready for their Las Vegas comeback.

  4. rhiannon

    White ice-cream man pants and flip-flops and sleeves down to his fingertips–lovely!

    And I hear she did so many drugs when she was pregnant with her first child (Harvey) that he is blind and disabled because of it. And she’s having more kids. Perfect.

  5. Kennedy

    Jordan: I’m a whore
    Peter: I think I have a big dick.

  6. baaqar

    Four huge boobs and one bun.

  7. Cheesy

    Do they always wear matching outfits? They look very Roman today. Is he gay, or the father of the baby, or both?

  8. Mari Possa

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks like a man in drag?

  9. Douchery

    And we walk hand-in-hand into the sweet hereafter…

  10. Ashley

    Did we miss the toga party?

  11. jbonz

    That baby is gonna have a butthole at both ends!

  12. Mickie

    Someone should move that trash out closer to the curb.

  13. K

    BOOBIE and the gay beast!


    Super Slut & Queer Bait

  15. Marnie

    The Plastics have arrived.
    I saw these to in England, they are Posh and Beckham wannabees in a very immature way.

  16. Julie

    I read an article on this chick.
    She has no concept of what birth control is.
    She has been pregnant with every guy she has been with and she either aborted the pregnancy, miscarriaged or had the child.
    The chick been therapy on how to love herself.

  17. Joanne

    The women’s crotch is tattooed.How’d you explain that to the baby doctor?

  18. wednesday

    I’m not really in it for the caption contest, but my lord, her boobs are so high they almost touch her chin. That’s insane and I don’t know how it could be comfortable…

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