Caption John Mayer

March 27th, 2009 // 18 Comments

John Mayer dressed as a sailor on board the Mayercraft carrier cruise liner in Long Beach.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. John

    Butterface !

  2. LT

    OMFG is he going thru a breakdown? A mid-life crisis? Some sort of multiple personality disorder?? Jeeze, I’m embarrassed for him. How can anyone take his music seriously anymore? Complete fool.

  3. Anne Arkham


  4. LesleyB

    I think someone forgot to tell him that it wasn’t a gay cruise :O

  5. LeslieD

    Hope he finds the man of his dreams on the cruise.

  6. Martiniman

    “OK everybody together, Y – M – C – A!”

  7. T-Bone

    Here’s my caption: um gross.

  8. remywill

    He is a loser! what was JA thinking….she should be glad to be rid of him no matter who dumped who…yikes

  9. Fiona

    Gay, gay, gay….beyond doubt….

  10. Average Jane

    So gay. No surprise that though.

  11. topsyturvy8

    Glad to know no one here wants him. I’ll take all of him … every inch.

  12. joan durtz

    There will always and only be one Freddy Mercury. Nice try dork.

  13. tiki11

    Where’s Tennille?

  14. sasha

    OMFG hilarious. made my sleep-deprived day, for sure. you go, John.

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