Caption Jessica and Perez

January 3rd, 2007 // 19 Comments

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By Jessica Marx

  1. Joseph M

    Help!!!!! He’s gonna eat me!!!!

  2. kat

    Perez mistakenly believes if he eats Jessica Simpson he becomes as famous as Jessica Simpson.

  3. cameron


  4. Ldysunfyre

    Perez will happily lick anything that’s been in contact with John Mayer’s cock.

  5. cameron


  6. Gruvie

    “Must…suck…celebrity…from you!!!”

  7. Wha?!

    So this is what dumb tastes like….

  8. annon

    insert tab a into slot b.

  9. Jean

    Someone besides Dad is finally putting words in Jessica’s mouth.

  10. Come here baby give Perez some tongue!!! Daddy is not looking awwwwww

  11. dondadav

    WARNING: Socialite’s Life is not responsible for providing barf bags when posting this picture. View at your own risk.

  12. Rick

    Whoops, I’m sorry. I thought you were a GUY!

  13. Jaimi

    Apparently Perez misread the label on the Proactiv bottle.

  14. maria callas

    a tape worm can be extracted by holding a flame to one’s mouth.

  15. Ldysunfyre

    “When Jessica asked Perez what Paris Hilton’s ass smelled like…”

  16. Jinxy McDeath

    “Come on Jess, I wanna know what John tastes like… Jess, seriously let me TASTE JOHN NOOOOOOOOW!”

  17. bella

    Maria Callas! That was perfect. bwahahahahahaha!

  18. Yummsh

    Tastes like chicken. Wait, is this chicken or tuna?

  19. gonzo

    “Come on kiss me, Papa Joe says it okay – he’ll still be the only straight guy to go pass 1st base”

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