Caption It! #95

October 20th, 2005 // 20 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg


    ebon and ivory
    live together in
    perfect harmony…
    is that a kama sutra tickle feather???
    or are they into the anal blade thing…

  2. T$

    OH GOD! Are they making another More Fast More Furious or whatever that was…My eyes are bleeding!

  3. T$

    PS: Paul Walker – get thee to they gym NOW!

  4. cooper

    Yeah, dude, _that_ long.

  5. Blade Fan

    Blade the beginning

  6. janice

    You got it out! Yeah,
    I thought it was lost with that gerbil thing!

  7. CAT

    ummmm…paul walker is fuckin hot

  8. K.Marie

    Its all about Tyson Beckford

  9. Cattt

    MMMMmmmmmm me likey likey ….. : ) I wish there was some ding dong pics.

  10. andy

    tickle your ass with a feather?

  11. golakers112

    Will you be my BFF

  12. looloo

    My GOD…I think I just drooled in my keyboard! Paul Walker is beyond HOT

  13. “Take my hand and I’ll take yours. We can make it honey!”

  14. Alice

    I want them to touch each other.

  15. Lynn

    Basabe and Combs????

  16. bigmikey

    um, can I be in the middle somewhere?

  17. Princess Yoji

    i am having a heart attack……can’t breath….

  18. Carmine

    slowly, if you gag, just relax, it’ll just make it that much better

  19. j22

    little paulie walker’s 20 minutes are just about up!paul walker is the equal to paul newman as molasses is to pancakes! every movie this guy is in he’s always getting his ugly ass kicked!! no paulie walker IS NOT HOT!!

  20. ortem


    I don’t want to caption it… I want to f*ck it

    either or… gimme

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