Caption It! #94

October 19th, 2005 // 57 Comments

(Image Courtesy of Splash News)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ruthie

    It’s nice to see that “She” even “Nauseates” herself.

  2. Francine

    No thanks! I use toilet paper! (that cracked me up in 2nd grade and it still does now)

  3. ThrillKill

    “This is how daddy got Jess and I all the breaks with the record execs. He taught us everything he knows.”

  4. happy hour

    first the lip syncing, now copying gene simmons….yes, she’s real.

  5. CAT

    well the bitch can’t sing but hey at least she’s good at something

  6. Margie

    Caption: My thoughts exactly!

  7. Jim

    “The NEW!!!!!Most popular girl in hollywood”

    LOL Just wait……that Long long long long toungue is going to make her more famous than her singing ever has. LOL

    yes i am a guy….and yes only a guy would think that at the first glance of the pic….and thus YES she will become very very very popular with the guys in hollywood (AND A BUNCH OF THE GIRLS) because of that pic……

  8. The Real Ian !

    wow her and jess both have extremely long toungues.

  9. Anna

    “Trust me, America, SO not worth your 15 bucks! Even I wouldn’t buy this shit!”

  10. anon

    I guess having HUGE tongues are genetic in the Simpson family!

  11. Cheesy

    Like the rest of us, an Ashlee Simpson CD makes her want to gag.

  12. Jenrah

    Another bad case of acid reflux perhaps?

  13. CHRIS

    Sexual favors if you buy my cd?

  14. toot

    It’s too bad she doesn’t use what she’s good at to help her sister (do what she’s good at).

  15. Scallywag

    like woah…

  16. Chinese tongue diagnosis says she has serious spiritual imbalances… we know that runs in the family.

  17. Estoy Usando el Internets

    “But daddy, I can’t open it any wider!”

  18. ashley

    “I, wanna rock and roll all night! And party everyday!”

  19. sandra

    Someone needs to brush her tongue…her hair is cute, though.

  20. ThrillKill


    Yeah, too bad about her face, though. To haggy by more than a 1/2

  21. janice

    Caption this;
    Yuck! I even leave a bad taste in my own mouth!

  22. Obert

    “gets off the toilet… Okay Ashley, clean me up”

  23. Silasdog

    With that tongue, she’ll never have a problem convincing a record executive to give her a new contract. Damn, that mother is long. I wonder which show-biz bozo is the current recipient of that roto-rooter tongue.

  24. kaldiboo

    holy “what ever happened to Baby Jane” makeup!

  25. tg8

    “As album sales do not meet expectations, Ashlee takes desperate measures.”

  26. i stole this one, and even i want to throw it away

  27. yes i am a guy….and yes only a guy would think that at the first glance of the pic….and thus YES she will become very very very popular with the guys in hollywood (AND A BUNCH OF THE GIRLS) because of that pic……

    I’m a chick, and completely straight, but that’s the first thing I thought too!
    (I have a perverted husband)

  28. Ashlee was just about to plug her new CD when she realized someone had secretly thumbtacked her tongue to her chin.

  29. omg

    i didnt think she could get uglier!!! take it off!!! ewwwwwwwwww

  30. wanting to be a part of all the senses Ashlee has come up with an album that both sounds and tastes like crap

  31. ery

    Ashlee demonstrates the genetic trait that is the real reason the Simpson girls have garnered so many record deals

  32. Akio

    I think “Ew” will suffice.

    If she doesn’t have to bring the talent, why should I have to bring the wit.

  33. Princess Yoji

    can someone please chop that ugly tongue and nose off…….can’t stand this twit.

  34. Jerrod

    So THATS why Ryan Cabrara keeps comin back to her!!!!! LoL

  35. lola

    I am so friggin sick of this no talent and her nitwit
    sister as well as that ass kissin’ pervert dad of theirs.
    I bet he is the one blind vice dude who likes to watch
    his little princess dress…freak. Will the earth do us a
    favor and swallow these morons up ASAP?!

  36. Poor thing, she tries but never can make it. I bet we see her as a roomate on VH1, roomates with Kate Moss, and showing her gross tricks to Tyra Banks, Lindsay Hohan and Nick Leechea.

  37. Tony

    WTF @ the tounge.

  38. r. lamar

    OMG. Which orifice first?

  39. Jada

    Yup, its the tongue and not the voice that got me this THIS far! Like my older sister always said: “wait to have sex until marriage, but it doesn’t count if its oral”.

  40. she can lick my penis

    i use this tongue to lick some ass…now will you please buy this cd, before we have to give it away for free?

  41. jai

    ” look guys my throat is fine, I swear, look you can see it’s all good, no more acid reflux I swear…I can sing, really I can sing!”

  42. Greg

    ” You know how dick i had to suck to get this made?Almost lost my tonsils,SEE”

  43. Island Girl

    While promoting her new album, Ashlee had a nasty acid reflux flare up.

  44. Cinder

    In this picture Ashlee demonstrates her uncanny resemblance to Hatchet-Face from the John Waters film “Cry-Baby.”

  45. stizz hudderly

    That’s the chick equivalent to being well hung.

    Yes it is.

  46. Kits

    Because of never having truly opened her mouth during a performance, Ashlee found the results of an attempt at real singing to be quite horrid.

  47. marc

    Drop load here…!

  48. John in Denver

    “Ryan’s cock tastes like shit…literally!”

  49. waggss

    I don’t care what you throw in I’m still not buying your album.

  50. waggss

    Maybe if I use my tongue I can get all the crap off of my album.

    Not gonna happen.

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