Caption It! #93

October 18th, 2005 // 42 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Boom3r

    OH!!! Screw THIS??! Gotcha! :)

  2. Brianna

    This is not the kind of “tool” I thought you were talking about…

  3. J&M

    “Paris Photographed Screwing by the Pool”.

  4. Obert

    “OMG! A Poisonous ant..DIE!”

  5. m.rank

    “out damn spot”

  6. “i told you that i can screw!”

  7. debo

    “Like, ohmygod! Don’t I look HOT as a Handywoman?! That’s right bitchesss…oopps, I hope that screw isn’t needed..ohmygod! That is sooo funny…screw…”

  8. Cheesy

    Paris just proves it again: She’s always got to me screwing something.

  9. lulu

    “I’m going to drop this screwdriver and grab the one from the bitch in front of me”
    a la narcissus

  10. Randy

    So THAT’S what these things are for…

  11. Anonimuse

    Paris was under the mistaken impression that to be a “gold digger” one had to actually dig where the rich and famous play.

  12. Johnny Chicago

    How do you start this pool?

    Maybe if I screw it, it will let me get to the front of the line.

    It beats opening up my scabby vag-gie and letting some negro rapper bang me in the women’s bathroom while I blow rails off the toilet seat.

    Every rich white bitch wants to be me!

  13. Spacers

    Oh, shoot! Where is Pool Boy?? Pool Boy???? How can I lose my fifty bazillion dollar engagement ring in the pool? Now I’ll have to FDS the cootch and get me another Greek tycoon’s heir. Darnit!

  14. Lin

    She looks b-l-o-a-t-e-d.

  15. To the amazment of stunned onlookers, Paris suddenly began to attack the pool at the Bel Air hotel.

  16. ??

    don’t worry, that’s paris’s stunt double.

  17. Cynthia

    Not having ever worked before, poor Paris had no idea what to do with a tool (and usually she knows all about screwing a tool)

  18. ThrillKill

    Paris turns violent when she learns that the mildew in her pool’s grout has more class than her.

  19. Melmotte

    Playing in the gutter again?

  20. A Boy and His Dog


  21. joana

    she´s wrinting her nameeeeeeeeee

  22. k@v@!

    You see, I can work …

  23. Neferi

    Now for the latest episode of “We love Droopy!” “Princess Droopy and the magic Garden” Droopy is mesmerized by this mysterious new world of fantastical instruments! Then from among the bushes Pricky the horny knome giggles and rubs himself with the pangs of desire. And then from the trees above, The green haired money snatching witch of the west whispers, “Look into the pool my dear! Behold your future!”

  24. Judy

    “Nicole You anerexic bitch
    Grab the screwdriver and I’ll pull you out of the crack. “

  25. Jai

    “There’s got to be gold in there some where!”

  26. shy-town

    I wonder if she’s actually sweating doing such strenuous work!

  27. PinkRose

    That’s hot.

  28. caro

    someone tell her that mermaids don’t live in pools…

  29. uwishuwereme

    Now that her show is was caught screwing again…

  30. niKKi

    “i wonder if those std results are back?”

  31. spitfire

    “And I’m gonna KEEP digging till I find where that b*tch hid her stash!”

  32. miguelito

    there’s GOTTA BE some COKE around here, MAN!

  33. Island Girl

    SCREWDRIVER?!?!?! When I agreed to the whole screwdriver thing I expected there to be vodka and orange juice involved.

  34. Anny

    “Paris Caught Screwing — Again!”

  35. xNICx

    “huh what’s that? you wanna ‘watch me screw at the pool’..oh ok sexy come outside then ;)…ohhh uhhh that kinda my. knees. look. so. totally. like. this. screwdriver, now THAT’S hot!”

  36. JC

    “The Simple Life: SCREWED”

  37. snn

    mama, help me.. i can’t get this screwdriver out of this..thing.. sob, sob i’ve tried..soooohard, mama..

  38. Jen

    LOL at you morons calling her fat. If that’s fat what’s normal sized?

  39. fill her up with coke and see her go

    i gotta do something to get paid…why the fuck am i on the ground with a screwdriver…wait a second this ain’t no drink!

  40. Green Eyed Angel

    Not fat, just bloated. Look at those stick legs compared to little pot belly shes got sticking out. Let me tell you, thats not what “healthy” looks like.

  41. golakers112

    What is this stupid bitch doing????

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