Caption It! #88

October 3rd, 2005 // 20 Comments

(Source: The Robin Leach Blog)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Johnny Chicago

    I’m as old as this fucking midget is tall, and my VAGINA is so stretched out I could fit BOTH OF EM in there while they’re screwing!

    Wished I would STOP dating faggelas, too!



    cirque de so gay?
    what’s up Joan ?
    recalling a scene edit
    from your film
    The Bitch?

  3. jason

    Joan Collins looks amazing for 72 years old.

  4. lolainthecity

    that midget has a huge package!

  5. tg8

    Joan Collins and children on a day out.

  6. Blindqueen

    I must stop having acid flashbacks.

  7. jake

    jackie collins poses with former olympian keri strug and her new girlfriend Jem.

  8. chrissy

    Oh, so this is what they meant by thanking all the little people, dawling ..

  9. ANFER

    Damn, he has a hot torso. Maybe I should reconsider my policy on dating people shorter than me!

  10. Dori

    Joan Collins and twins from brief affair with Warren Beatty pose for pictures after attending the 2005 Dynasty Convention.

  11. tempy

    I don’t know about dating vertically challenged men with better makeup than me. His face looks flawless.

    What is Christina HAgqueliera doing there?

    Joan looks toasty or maybe that the effect from so much plastic surgery.

  12. The sad thing is the dude on the left has on the most make-up.

  13. J&M

    “It’s cool to be clear.”

    Six in one to go… “SEVEN UP”.

  14. Steve

    That Midget is without question, THE GAYEST thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. He’s just bizzare looking.
    I have the urge to grab him by the ankles and use him to beat Joan to death.

  15. Chloe Girl

    Is a gay midget a gidget?

  16. Cheesy

    Words escape me. Which is such a rarity.

  17. Kat

    Dude Looks Like A Lady

  18. “I keep this set of little people for spare parts. Please don’t feed them.”

  19. JackieOMyGod

    After the death of her faithful purse dog Otto, Joan Collins shows off the must have acessory for this fall: purse people.

  20. uslfjks

    I cant believe that woman is 72.

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