Caption It! #85

September 28th, 2005 // 38 Comments

(Source: Yeeeah!)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. anon

    whats with the crown?

  2. xtina

    … and this is my pet crab. i like to call him Sebashton. for some reason, he likes to hang out in my pubes

  3. syberchik

    And when I get the outbreak, it usually occurs here.

  4. Lory

    Its Xtina’s bachelorette party…Thats why she’s wearing the crown!

  5. Help me find my car keys and we can drive out of here.

  6. erica

    Hey, guys! Wanna see my penis!?

  7. Voteforsummer

    Erica, you beat me to it!

  8. anon

    hey at least there is a good reason for the crown! when is she getting married?

  9. Erica

    Great minds think alike, what can i say.

  10. CeeJ

    “Wow! So your vagina really does say ‘Over One Billion Served.’”

  11. killer

    So it is normal for it shrink in cold water?

  12. LB

    I didn’t know they came that big!

  13. Shannon

    Guy: So this is where that strong smell of fish is coming from.

  14. Shannon

    Girl: Should there be flies buzzing around it like that?

  15. The Real Ian !

    so this is what i meant by DIRTY! , see?

  16. shannon

    Christina – “ok, so who’s eating first?”
    The other girl – “I went first last time!”

  17. Reny-Ren-Ren

    Would you like to dry off on my terry cloth shorts, peasant?

  18. James

    Hey Joe, come check it out, she has the nastiest cooter I have ever seen….

  19. Shannon

    No, no, no! You don’t wipe it that way! It’s ‘front to back’!!!

  20. lolita

    Lol I seriously thought the first pic was of “Paris Hilton” on the beach with her Tiara that almost was permantley glued to her head at one point. boy was I wrong…

  21. J&M

    Paris: “Would you like to see mine? It’s like a wizard’s sleeve!”

    Onlookers: “Wowaweewa! It smeels like Bigfoot’s bell-end.”

  22. cynical_sally

    DAYUM! You really did pierce everything!

  23. Antigone

    That ain’t no place to hang a cow bell!

  24. Jazzy

    Wow! They really do crawl!!

  25. Jew So Crazy!

    Damn, if you had a penis then you just should have told us!! Don’t pull it out on this public beach!!

  26. Marney75

    In lamest Austin Powers voice, “That’s a MAN, baby, yeah!”

  27. mint

    I know I told you sea water couldn’t cure herpes, but I think it worked!

  28. Ohhh, so this is what your song “Dirty” was about.

  29. spitfire

    “how on earth do you tuck that thing so well?!”

  30. Lisa

    The Bastardly bans ip adresses, if they dont like what is being said, UNFAIR!

  31. Brass balls as I always suspected.

  32. Eww. So that is what crabs looks like?!?!?!

  33. raevee nyc

    Xtina: IT’S TRUE I’ll SHOW YOU! Even if you cut off your penis, there remains a nubbin’!!

  34. Cheesy

    Wow–there really are golden arches that say, “Over 1 Billion Served!”

  35. tawny

    ooops I dribbled!

  36. Dre

    The Dr said the discharge would stop in a few days

  37. holly

    don’t just stare at it…eat it!!!

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