Caption It! #84

September 27th, 2005 // 25 Comments

(The woman behind the umbrella.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. marnie

    Attention: Please notice that I don’t want to be noticed

    My guess would be just another stupid-ass actress who wants her privacy as long as we know she wants her privacy. Why else where the dumb ass boots on a 70 degree day in NYC.

  2. sara

    who is it

  3. Girly Girl

    What the HELL is on her feet???? It looks like dead kittens. Does PETA know she is wearing small house pets?

    And let’s face it, folks. Anyone whose main stylistic influence is Barbie cannot be held responsible for her horrific choice in footwear…

  4. IndicaGirl

    Ummmm…that would be Sienna interviewing the new Nanny – yep, she’s ugly enough, look how the cops want to arrest her & birds fly from her!! She so hired!!

  5. ??

    who the fuck is Sienna, a few movies, and
    constant kate copying does not make a star!

  6. shemee

    That looks like Sarah Jessica Parker. She has funky taste and she hates the cameras.
    So…WHO IS IT?!

  7. laura

    marnie, it’s Jordan. If you look closely, you’ll notice that she ain’t in the US. You can tell by the police car that she’s in the UK.

  8. KIM


  9. uwishuwereme

    Wuttha>??? That’s not NYC..our cops don’t have cars like the one in the pic..

  10. Laura Lord Belle

    Jordan is a D-List Pamela Anderson wannabe..she is tragic…She just had a tacky beyond belief wedding to another D-list singer, André.

    U G L Y !!

  11. KIM


  12. The Real Ian !

    definetly the uk look at the licence plate on the cop car…..

  13. killer

    The umbrella walker still clutches the cold stapler that she used to beat the kittens into a flattened pelt, before she stapled them over a pair of Keds…um……….um ….pelts

  14. J&M

    The weather is remarkably changeable in England at this time of year and Jordan quite sensibly combines late-summer wear with ice-climbing gear.

    Pure genius! Makes me proud to be British… not.

  15. yuck

    She looks so gross. Tacky is not even the word. She looks like a trick in a porn dressed up as a fairy.

  16. lissa willis

    fugly Kimberly Stewart?

  17. mint

    The cop back there looks like David Beckham!

  18. TasAnnie

    No one’s picked up on the pigeon fleeing from her presence!

    Maybe she’s the target of viciously incontinent urban fowl and is merely taking cover.

    My guess is they’re just trying to get those dead animals off her feet.


    well the picture is named jordanboots so I guess its jordan, duh

  20. bella

    CSI Nick Stokes has a sneaky suspicion he’s solved the case of the Robertson’s missing puppies…

  21. Bella

    The woman beside her is averting her gaze. She’s too embarrassed for Jordan.

  22. me

    I have absolutely no idea who has such a bad taste…

  23. Poodle deaths are on the rise as trashy, low-class people have began the new trend of wearing them as footwear. PoodleKix is what they are called on the street. More at 6.

  24. Damn kids!!


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