Caption It! #83

September 26th, 2005 // 31 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kelly

    I’m the CalvinATOR you little girly man

  2. Versace

    He’s had a remarkable career. He’s had a remarkable life. It is remarkable that he is still alive. You go Calvin!!!!!

  3. Lanie


  4. Lars

    A billion lines of blow will do that to a person.

  5. kellywinona

    “Calvin Klein holds hope that Max Headroom will one day return to ABC.”

  6. more like,

    “Victoria Beckhams long lost fairy godfather from planet Botox-Waxfigure-tron.”

    im not gonna lie, frozen foreheads make me smile.

  7. TasAnnie

    Katherine Hepburn lives! Fashion designer’s body has been snatched and replaced by that of legendary dead actress.

  8. Uh, we’re gonna pick on this old guy now? I say lets just let him be. Life for him from here on will just get harder anyway, as the aging process accelerates.

  9. Alecia

    Harry Potter in 50 years.

    <3 the glasses Calvin!

  10. Brian

    When Botox goes bad……..really,really bad…..

  11. hmmm

    Looks more like he had a chemical peel to me.

  12. Simple_Tina

    “I will suck 500 hundred models, and I would suck 500 hundred more…..”

  13. Katie

    Giant round glasses. So hot right now. Giant round glasses.

  14. alexis

    “im boring now.”

  15. Tyrone LaNigra

    He looks like he has the AIDS. You go Calvin!

  16. Charlie's boys

    He looks like a wax figure!BUT I rather look at him than Tommy Hilfiger….now that is one really ugly piece of shit.

  17. thumper

    old age ain’t no place for sissies…

  18. Mike

    Video Killed the Radio Star….

  19. Marc

    Quick, someone put the air on! Ms.Calvin be meltin’!

  20. miss682

    is this made of leather?

  21. J&M

    “Calvin Klein – the new face of leather.”

  22. Alex

    Maybe the Harry Potter look isnt really for me…

  23. Skeletor makes the press rounds after signing a contract with Lenscrafters.

  24. Skeletor makes the press rounds after signing a contract with Lenscrafters.

  25. Blondie

    Remarkably well preserved. BTW, for all of you that flirt with the homosexual-focused captions. He is gay. Not that I care, but my “Nibbley Thing” (Thanks Miu) is that he threw himself on a friend of mine in NYC. But yes, way to go Calvin!

  26. tempy

    I remember when he used to be fine as hell. I think all the health problems, drugs and secretive lifestyle choices have taken a toll.

    Whatever happened to his beard, I mean wife Kelly?

  27. Gossip Guru

    I actually feel bad for him. It does look like he has the virus, and being a gay man I know that is nothing to joke about. I hope he just had a bad chemical peel.And age is not going to stop that man from getting lots of beautiful men.

  28. “Hmmm…in what new kiddie porn inspired way can I get my new line noticed?”

  29. mischa

    It looks like he’s been poisoned by the Ukranian mafia.

  30. Charlie's boys

    when is he moving into Madame Tussands Wax Musuem?
    and in which country? may be he should stay in the us afterall, he is an institution of sort.
    we could put him next to George Washinghton.

  31. killer

    Do I make you randy?

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