Caption It! #79

September 20th, 2005 // 50 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kate

    She looks extremely young in those pics.

  2. Lisa

    Wait a damn minute!!!! Isn’t she underage? How can restaraunts and clubs get away with serving her?

  3. Hasn’t LiLo heard that the Edie Sedgwick biopic’s already been cast?!?

  4. SpeedDaemon

    “Iamsozootedrightnow,cigarette?surewhynot?Winethroughastraw?HAHAHAHAHAthatis, like, sofunny!Where’smyredwine? mmmmmmm, bathroombreaktime! {sniffle}”

  5. Junkie

    Underage drinking happens all the time…if you’re famous. Look at what happend to Macaulay Culkin and Edward Furlong when they were in their prime.

    And especially if you bring a bit of publicity to the restaurant,…most of the staff will look the other way…

  6. The Real Ian !

    what the hell i know for a fact she is not 21
    so what just because your a movie star in hollywood you can get served anywhere ya want
    what next dakota fanning downing mohito’s
    at the key club jesus.
    and on top of that does anyone see how many glasses of wine are in front of her .why are’nt these stars busted and or the establishments shut down …. PS. wine through a straw real classy lohan real classy just proves she is a teeny bopper….

  7. tempy

    “You know what I love about straws? You can drink wine thru them then do a line!!! Drinking wine thru a straw is sooo kewl.”

  8. Ket

    Is she drinking both red and white wine?
    It seems like she has two kinds of wine right there. Man, what’s wrong with this girl? Geee!
    She’s only 18, and already getting drunk. Terrible example to all her little fans, who are going to be looking at these pics everywhere!

  9. The Real Ian !

    no doubt about that , i can sip my wine then just dip my straw into my hello kitty change purse and drop a few pounds , im a genius …

  10. The Real Ian !

    screw it , let her get drunk really drunk , then i wll have a beetr chance at bangin that lil stuck up hollywood starlet slut bag lol

  11. veelee

    I don’t know about you guys but that looks like fun times. I’m jealous as I sit here in front of my computer….this calls for an after work drink……

  12. mischa

    It looks to me like she has wine then a chaser. Remember what red wine tasted like when you were 14??

  13. timk

    Hi, I’m Lindsay, mind if I sit down?

    What are you drinking here, sangria? Mind if I try… ummm… (gulp gulp) one more sip… mmm. Ahhhh. Whew! That’s good!

    Mind if I smoke? What is that, a rum and coke? Mind if I… no? Are you sure? Thanks… mmm… (gulp gulp gulp gulp) Ahhh… Whoaaaa… whew!

    Hi, I’m Lindsay, mind if sit here for a minute, just have sit down for minute… What is that a mai tai?? Looks good… Oh may I…. thanks… (gulp gulp gulp… GULP) whewwwwwwaaaaa!!! Whoa-ho-ho!

    Is that a long island ice tea? Oh you don’t mind if I, just one sip? Really? Thanks (GULP) …. Mind if I smoke?

  14. pee pee mcpoop

    Dang, Hohan sure gained the LBs back fast didn’t she? I’m not saying she’s fat, she looks better, but it looks like she’s gained 10-15 pounds already.

    Is that a cig she has in the first shot? I think that is so ghetto when chicks let a cig dangle on their mouth like that, unless you are madonna or someone in a black and white photo naked with tons of black eyeliner…

  15. sam

    if i just have 20 drinks, i won’t have to eat.

  16. kelly

    I think it is very wrong that these underage people are allowed to buy alcohol! Remember the pic of Mary-Kate buying wine at Whole Foods? I think someone should do something about it. It’s not right that they are allowed to drink right out in the open like that!

  17. whatchamacallit

    she looks very childlike in these pics (except 4 the booze and ciggy)

  18. Mariana

    Lots of people drink when they’re underage. Celebrities don’t get held to the same standards as others. Doesn’t make it right, but deal with it.

  19. Double fisted and underaged.

  20. glitterjar

    apperteezer: smoking
    main dish: first Stoli organe…ummm still hungry
    second course:waier, red wine please
    desert:?……i’ll go home and do a few lines
    WHAT A PERFECT LUNCH,huh people.I am just eating right and doing great.

  21. busybody

    I dont know about you, but she looks like she is Livin’ The Life!!!

  22. mary

    Aside from her boobs, I think Lindsay looks EXACTLY the same as she did when she was 10 years old.

    No matter how hard she tries, she just looks like a little girl to me.

  23. cooper

    haha, I so wish I had that life


  24. Amy <3

    this just goes to show ya…
    On numerous occassions in the past, I’ve had gingerale served to me in a wine glass, at fancy restaurants.

    Don’t assume its white wine guys!

  25. oh please

    come on people what is the big deal….in other countries people her age are allowed to drink in public every day (GASP!)its not that huge a deal. who knows, maybe she was somewhere in europe when those pics were taken.

  26. Roxy

    That isn’t even a wine glass in the first shots. It could be anything, not that I’m defending her but I’ve definatly had non-alcoholic bevereges in that type of glass. Straw is allowed.

  27. regan

    wine isn’t served in a glass like that. i’m thinking the “white wine” is some sort of juice, or possibly a cocktail

  28. Icequeen

    hahah oh you Americans and your absudly high legal drinking age.

    Who says she’s in the United States in those pictures?

  29. erin

    i dont see why anyone is giving her shit…she’s 19…what were you all doing at 19? do you think shes the only 19 year old who drinks and smokes? i dont even see why thats an issue…anyone, celeb or not, can get served underage somewhere

  30. Sian

    Thats super hot.

    I wish I had a cig and alcohol.

    Most of you just seem jealous you cant get served lol

    Just come to England ;D

  31. Michelle

    Hello people. She’s not going to drink that openly in the U.S. where it’s illegal.

    This picture was obviously taken in Europe–a country where drinking at 18 (and sometimes 16) is LEGAL!


  32. Michelle

    Errr…make that a continent, not a country.

  33. Mike

    In the second and third pics you can see what looks to be a lemon wedge floating in the drink. I don’t think that it’s wine. The color of the beveridge looks pretty close to Diet Cola. Nice try though…

  34. American Princess

    Ummmmmmmmmm to those wondering why it matters that shes drinking and smoking ….she works for DISNEY.

  35. johnnydamonisyummy

    I didnt know looking like a 45 year old douchebag could be so easy…. dam girl, hows your drugface,,,?

  36. bk_magnolia

    um… ya’ll are silly.

    note the “red wine” – that is NOT in a wine glass by the way – has a lemon floating in it. maybe that’s, oh i dunno, Diet Coke w/ Lemon?

    as for the “white wine” she’s drinking with a straw – could be gingerale, apple juice, white grape juice… or wine. she’s 19, not 12. if she were in college, she’d be doing the same thing like MOST OF US WERE WHILE IN COLLEGE!!

    point being – chill the fuck out people.

  37. ma

    I was gonna say the same thing Icequeen…who said she’s in the US????

  38. timk

    While we’re debating it let’s look closer:

    There is a red wine bottle on the table.

    There is also a wine glass with a lemon wedge in it, so it’s probably a coke, but that is NOT the same glass she drinks from in the fourth picture which looks like red wine to me, probably the same red wine from the bottle on the table.

    The glass with the straw looks like ginger ale.

    I would only complain about this if I were sitting at the same restaurant and the waiter refused to serve me a drink, otherwise live and let live.

  39. Jenrah

    Why are there so many glasses on the table. It looks like she’s with just one other person but there are like 7 glasses there (plus an empty Coke bottle)!

  40. biyatch

    raise your hand if you were served before you turned 21???


  41. Turd Furg

    Is that stupid bitch drinking the wine from a straw? F**Kin stupid

  42. L.Lohan

    F**k you all,
    I had a fab lunch and that’s all matters.
    Can’t believe you actulally spent time discussing what i was drinking.Don’t you all have better things to do like a real job?
    Get a life people.I don’t give a shit whether you like me or not.You can all go to F**king hell

  43. tk

    the more drinks the better, that whale of a whore. i’ll bang her in a very uncomfortable place

  44. red_hot_54

    Fill it up again! Fill it up again! Once it hits your lips, it’s so good!

  45. erin2

    that’s not a wine bottle btw. it’s a balsamic vinegar bottle.

  46. timk

    The bottle to the right is balsamic vinegar next to a coke bottle, but the bottle on the left is… red wine!

  47. Jessica

    Lindsay: 4 wine glasses, and only one straw ya I am a cheap slut, hehe.

  48. That_Damn


  49. Lauren

    from my own experience with fine dining:

    the bottle on the left is an olive oil bottle. it has a pourer in the top. it would be pretty cheesy to put a pourer in a real wine bottle. the glass with the “white wine” is nothing more than a glass of soda. no restaurant in their right mind would put wine in that glass. and the glass of red wine in the last pic is def wine. its not the same glass as the one with coke and lemon.

  50. Sevy

    Excuse me, but when was it allowed that people under the age of 21 are allowed to drink? When was it so “teh coolz” to have glass upon glass of booze, especially in the daytime.

    What makes me really sick to my stomach is the fact that nobody seems to care. Not too long ago, I believe is was on vh1, there was a documentary on Lindsay, and it was her Mother, her best friends from school, and her family talking about her and telling the cameras how they hold her in high regard. Where are these people now? She looks awful. I will admit that I never really cared for her films or music, but I did think that she was pretty. Now, it’s a tragedy. Either people in her life aren’t caring, or they’ve tried and she’s ignoring them. She’ll be washed up at the age of 30 and be another Dana Plato if someone doesn’t force her into rehab.

    I’m so tired of seeing young girls boozed and coked out of thier minds. It’s just plain wrong.

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