Caption It! #77

September 16th, 2005 // 21 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. sup!

    I would kiss her!

  2. Smart Ian

    She looks good, mostly cause you can’t see the praying mantis body holding up her head

  3. uptown slacker

    I can’t agree with you guys – she’s got a Katie Couric look/thing goin’ on right now…maybe it’s the face scrunch…

  4. emma peel

    Ugly and dated glasses.
    Katie Couric as a fashion role model????-I DON’T THINK SO. NOT WITH THAT BITCH.

  5. kim

    it’s the hilton family fish…

  6. Poor Nicky. She has to be reminded to swallow after every sip of coffee.

  7. Martin

    Her glasses are hiding her beady little thisclosetogether eyes. To bad she could not
    get something to hide the rest of her ugly nose & fugly face. A paper bag would do nicely.

  8. ella

    Kiss me Ian. My skinny white ass is all yours.

  9. Cynthia

    ….tonight at 11….more undercover footage of prostitutes on the loose……

  10. LA cutie

    “Get me away from this freak before I barf!”

  11. Sally

    “Oh so your not Paris…”

  12. Jess

    Just 30 more seconds and I can spit out this Listerine!

  13. Cheesy

    “You can swallow now.”

  14. Daveyman

    ‘Hilton Siamese twins sensitive to light…’

  15. I love this blog! It is fabulous! Good reading…

  16. Lars

    Please don’t kiss me on the lips. I have a mouth full of jism.

  17. Jane

    “Kissing me on the lips would be useless. The Botox has completely left them numb.”

  18. raevee nyc

    Wasn’t there a blond Muppet who looked just like that! my vote is for Taradise.

  19. mimi

    just for the fact that she is related to paris makes me hate her. Sorry nicky!

  20. jenna

    ” Let me at least spit the cum out before you kiss me” Nicky Hilton

  21. Rob

    She’s f-u-g-l-y.

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