Caption It! #76

September 15th, 2005 // 75 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Gee

    Nice teeth Hill !!!!!!!

  2. jen

    Hils is doing way to much coke.

  3. HillaryFluff

    “I just barfed my lunch in this bag, will you get rid of it?”

  4. GeekChic

    What a god damn mess o.o

  5. veelee

    Shopping for a customized body-bag. Found it!!!

  6. bag it

    “I fit in here”

  7. Come on, guess, guess which Oslen I have in here!

  8. ian


  9. stupidcelebs

    Look Mom…I bought my first condominium!!

  10. Kim

    Found Tara’s Bag, this jewelry is FAKE!

  11. alyson

    Does this bag make me look like Hilary Swank?

  12. BEDhead

    “I bet me, Mary Kate ANNNNNDDDD Lindsay can all fit in here with room to spare for Nicole! COOL!! Oh…wait…maybe not Nicole – my teeth will take up all that extra room.”

  13. kit

    made from all my extra skin when I weighed 105!

  14. dottcomm1

    this is FREE, right?

  15. Michelle

    Good lord. She does look like a coke fiend.

  16. Buntcake

    3 and 6 are great! Poor Hillary, she was so cute…I don’t see why people do this to themselves.

  17. Commentator

    Dead eyes, grasping hands.

  18. Danielle

    Why run to the bathroom and puke when you can do it in this faboulous bag!!

  19. Jane

    “Look, I’m finally small enough to be carried around like a teacup doggy, just like Joel likes”!

  20. Jane'sMom

    “Can you look in this bag for me to see if my tits might have fallen in there?”

  21. tempy

    Hillary Duff is letting the cocaine have it!! She can’t even play it off. She used to be a semi cute girl but DANG. She looks more and more like that beat up sister of hers.

    CAPTION: Now I have a bag I can fit a whole kilo in!!

  22. Lulu

    Somebody hold her down and shove a sandwich into her face, please. Poor thing is so emmaciated she can barely hold a bag. She needs to eat.

  23. MIMI

    IAN- you just can’t stop thinking about me -huh?
    luv u 2

  24. Cynthia

    Mimi! I LOVE YOU! Thanks for turning the caps off.

  25. bogbog

    Nightmares anyone? Free nightmares here! Get ‘em while they’re scary!

  26. MIMI

    just when we thought Hillary was the only cute one left. she looks like BUGS BUNNY.

  27. melizz

    NOw that the gossip blogs have outed my Hello Kitty purse, I got this brand new coke purse!

  28. irishcream

    Looks like Horse Tooth Hil only came in 2nd place in the last race. Skeletor Lives!!!

  29. Anna

    I do so much traveling for work, but I can never sleep well in a strange bed. That’s why I started bringing my own from home!

  30. chooo

    Carrying around ur Chihuahua in ur purse is so yesterday, the new trend is carry around ur big black bodyguard!

  31. MIMI

    the funny thing is, I bet the purse is not even that big, but next to her, geez it looks like a freakin suitcase

  32. Billis

    Trick or treat!! Where da freebies at?

  33. jojo

    jeeze, it’s just for my toothbrush and toothpaste.

  34. RubbRubb

    Woo Woo! The body of Kate Moss, and the teeth of Gary Busey!

    What’s NOT to like?

  35. Jew So Crazy!

    Who let the dogs out? (woof,woof,woof,woof) Get back you flea infested mongrel

  36. bk_magnolia

    honestly, this whole “let’s all look AND be anorexic” thing has gone way too far.

    it’s unnatural, unattractive and pretty damn unhealthy. a grown ass woman should not be shaped like a 15 y/o boy. nothing wrong with being slim and healthy – these broads look gaunt and sickly.

    this makes me sad.

  37. Cynthia

    bk, they not only look gaunt and sickly–THEY ARE!

  38. Silasdog

    put her in that bag and zip it up – quick!

  39. Rory

    Look Lindsay, I weigh as much as this empty bag..beat that.

  40. Johnny Chicago

    My CUNT smells ALMOST as bad as my horse-toothed face – but that’s okay, every white girl under the age of 21 will want to coke out to look just like me, the future role model of AMERIKKA! Yes, they will want to fuck negro rappers and pretend they don’t have problems while they pay off ther daddies to shut the FUCK UP! How repressing – I mean, refreshing!

  41. realitybasedbob

    I keep my pretty face in here!

  42. I keep my credit history in here!

  43. Aaron will never get away from me again!

  44. tgd

    I can fit in my own bag! I’m a carry-on!

  45. Boschka

    Hey I’m Hillary Friggan Duff….I want all the sweet free shit now….fill ‘er up Bitch

  46. Jade

    This bag is GREAT!! I carry Haylie around in it all the time… uh, I meant my dog.

  47. Callisto

    Okey, This Kind Of Skinny I Don’t Find It To Be Attractive, especially because It Makes Her Teeth Look So Huge!!

    The Rachel Bilson or The Angelina Jolie Kind Of Skinny; It’s Very Attractive, but The Hilary Kind… It’s Just Creppy!!

  48. Cheesy

    “I need a cheeseburger!”

  49. good charlette carries me around in this bag!

  50. Moonshine

    “I’ll take all the coke you got…fill it up!”

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