Caption It! #7

June 10th, 2005 // 34 Comments

This was one of my favorites that a reader tried to post by got some error message, so I thought I’d just post it myself.

Colin Farrell sports the new Louis Vuitton “Drag Shoulder” bag/shirt from the new Marc Jacobs designed accessories line. ” So many of the big name stars today are adopting big old drag queens as image consultants and friends.” Jacobs states,” So I thought what a better way to get fit and stay close to the positive energy! The Vuitton Drag Shoulder Bag Shirt is so very much influenced by the Native American Papoose… but with a 21st Century edge.” Jacobs goes on to state,” Sophia (Coppola) bought five of them, her daddy keeps breaking the harness…isn’t that

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. kendall

    I heard Colin liked the ladies, but c’mon… ewe!
    I bet the lovely girls over at Snarkywood would have had fun with this pic!

  2. akaellen

    “I like a girl who is more a man than me” – Colin Farrell

  3. *Micha*

    Colin F. grins after sharing the news that he spent last night playing leapfrog with his new friend. “We took turns!” he said.

  4. whiteraevyn

    Colin Farrell: Life’s A Drag!

  5. akadrenalinegirl

    Colin’s skin is looking really great!

  6. Jax

    This is a step up from my goat!

  7. shannon

    Britney looked better the first time they “dated”.

  8. I’d like you to meet my dad.

  9. Nerf

    rectum….damn near killed em’!!

  10. M. L. S.

    Paris hooks up with Colin….

  11. Flavia

    Left to right: Yang & Yin.

  12. craig

    Actually, no, I can’t shake your hand or sign that autograph right now……. or shake my fist at you either come to think of it ;)

  13. MsSumida

    Paris’s Mom hooks up with Colin….

  14. moagzee

    the funny part is i bet hes so drunk he thinks its a woman.

  15. Esther

    Colin Farrel Finds Woman of His Dreams

  16. I like that Colin always seems so gay-positive and still masculine.

  17. Hephaistion II.

  18. maria magdalena

    beauty and the beast

  19. Brian

    Casting begins for “Alexander II,The Forbidden Love”

  20. amyfisher

    “oh no. i hooked up with Britney again…”

  21. a Boy and His DOg

    Look what I found under my dress!

  22. Trisha

    “What did you say those shots were called again?”

  23. Her penis was bigger than mine.

  24. enriquedamnit

    At her exclusive post-MTV Movie Awards bash at The Standard Lounge, freshly-blonde Lindsay Lohan catches up with her “we’re just friends” pal, Colin Farrell.

  25. He could do better! Colin, that is…

  26. Katherine

    Wow, that drag queen has some pretty low standards.

  27. Lia

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

  28. daniel renzi

    Farrell on set of his new movie, “Blondzilla.”

  29. medea

    “I love the night life,I gotta boogie”

  30. penny

    “So no more, Jess. That Lindsay is such a raging bitch for not letting you into her party.”

  31. Colin Does Tranny

  32. Jon

    I hear he met her in a club in old Soho where they drink champagne that tastes just like Coca-Cola. OMG, it must be Lola! :)

  33. cakeboy

    she walk like a woman and talk like a man…
    whoa, ma lola
    lalalala lola

    loves it!

  34. Brenda

    I live in South Beach and Elaine Lancaster runs the show. I have seen her take men right out of the arms of their husbands/boyfriends. She is used to getting what she wants and nothing or no one gets in her way. I guess Colin is a strong man who likes strong wo(men). She dated, and I think still does Dennis Rodman and has been linked to John Travolta. But the sad part is Elaine is a beautiful man too. Lucky Bitch!

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