Caption It! #67

September 1st, 2005 // 41 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Laura Lord Belle

    He is thinking :” Get this freaky high strung monkey of my back!!”

  2. Laura Lord Belle

    Attack of the coked out over-the-hill drag queen !!!

    OPs! Attack of the “original supermodel” Puh-leaze!!

  3. Gossip Guru

    I think it is really ballsy of her to say that she is in a 12 step program. I dont know what 12 step says that it is ok to be a drunken, drugged up whore. I hate that bitch!

  4. raevee nyc

    Having not eaten solid food in 3 decades, Janice Dickenson attacks an unsuspecting party-goer.

  5. Somebody’s about to get an STD…

  6. MT

    “Why am I always getting attacked by drag queens with melting faces everywhere I go?”

  7. Coco

    “Not able to resist her primal urges, the female howler monkey in heat attempts her bizarre mating ritual with an unsuspecting sloth.”

  8. rose

    Tinkerbelle attacks Dudley Moore

  9. Jane

    “Gawd, someone get this cracked out praying mantis off me!!!!!”

  10. LARS

    is anyone else surprised her tits haven’t “accidentally” fallen out in the pix?

    comment #4 wins IMO!

  11. MB Girl

    Omg, someone help. I am retarded. Who are these peeple?

  12. JENN


  13. Cynthia

    Just another incident of a crack whore attacking an innocent bystander….

  14. Kiki

    I always thought Janice Dickinson was a man-eater.

  15. WOOF!

    She was gorge when she was younger now she just needs to sit her ass down somewhere

  16. Jovi

    I thought Lauren Hutton was the “Original Supermodel.” Who the hell is Janice Dickinson?

  17. YOu with the camera… cantcha see I am trying to give the obviously uptight man a blowjob here?

    What do you mean you aren’t Lee Majors.

  18. akadrenalinegirl

    Wow…her feet are geNORMOUS! They are flippin’ HUGE!

  19. Oh come on, smell my cooch! It doesn’t smell that bad. It’s supposed to smell that way.

  20. Gabe

    You used to make fun of people with plastic on their furniture, but now you envy them.

  21. Brian

    Grandma,what BIG feet you have…….

  22. joe

    can’t buy class! trash!!

  23. Justin

    “No, no, sweetie, Katrina the HURRICANE, not your dealer. No, HURRICANE… Well, it’s a weather system caused by a low-pressure front that gets caught– Ahh! Janice? Sweetie, get down off the couch, OK? The hurricane’s not HERE, it’s far away. No, I don’t think they’ll put your story on TV if you say you looted Wal-Mart and hid guns in your fake tits…

  24. “I am just SO in LOVE with Katie Holmes!”

  25. Brian

    “Congratulations on the purchase of your new Dickinson Helper Monkey(tm). Your Helper Monkey has been designed for years of flawless service. Please note however that your Helper Monkey must be fed at least once a day, or else it will become enraged and unpredictable. We cannot be held responsible for the actions of your Helper Monkey under these circumstances.”

  26. plastic

    like getting unexpected gifts?… then, you’re going to love herpes.

  27. Gotta love the bat wings hanging off her FOREARMS! How old is that biotch, anyway? Can you get a forearm lift? If so, howcum she hasn’t had one yet? One more face tightening and she’ll be wearing a goatee.

  28. meesalikeu

    #67? isn’t that her age?

  29. jenvampvegas

    Ech! Just plain NASTY, and not in a good way…

  30. a plant has never been so embarrassed to be green.


    one of these green things is real.

  31. Dan

    Too many miles on you babe!

  32. Major Minor

    Brace me big boy, while I hang a turd into the flowerpot

  33. boo


    where’s my walker?

  34. will robinson

    I forget, which one of them is Pee Wee Herman?

  35. Coco

    OMG Brian, you total copycat!

  36. Cynthia

    I suppose climbing around on furniture is the new celebrity ‘in’ thing….

  37. whatyousay

    “ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN” or is it 50 years old woman?!?! Well anyway, coming to a retirement home near you.

  38. Jacquelina

    It is so very sad to see how some elderly patients react badly to the wrong medications….

  39. brittni

    Janice is a beautiful model.
    You are all jelous and ugly.

  40. Jacquelina

    You are right! She IS a beautiful model! She is the best spokesperson Depends and Geritol have ever had!

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