Caption It! #66

August 31st, 2005 // 33 Comments

(Image Courtesy of Splash News)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. j

    Catherine Zeta Jones’ mother looks great for her age

  2. Laura Lord Belle

    Mmmm! Banana.. B-ANA-NAS!!

  3. Bunglebunny

    Catherine Zeta Jones dons her ‘sexing up the old husband’ attire.

  4. Kat

    Nice Skoal lip. V. classy.

  5. Jamie Lee Curtis is pissed.

  6. Laura Lord Belle

    Her thoughts:” I have to fuck Michael again tonight!!” Cue Dry heave

  7. eli

    she totally looks all teri hatcher on us here?

  8. Jane

    Courtney Cox needs to stay out of that brutal California sun!

  9. Dori

    That banana is just screaming CARBS

  10. JULIA

    I thought that was Terri H. God..Old Man River must be rubbing off on her. She should NOT be looking that old!

  11. CityKitty

    Wow. That’s the only bad picture I have EVER seen of that woman.

  12. crackhead

    She looks like my grandma.

  13. miguelito

    “…actress catherine zeta-jones was recently diagnosed with the ‘michael douglas’ syndrome, a fairly recent but nonetheless, fatal disease…”

  14. Cynthia

    THAT is CZJ?!? NOOOOO!

  15. gigi

    Catherine imagining what Micheal will look like after his next face life…scary

  16. Kelly

    I seriously thought “what is Reba McEntire doing on your site?!?” Never would have guessed to be CZJ!

  17. LARS

    i swear, i thought it was Jamie Lee Curtis!

  18. pee pee mcpoop

    I thought it was Audrey Hepburn in the last days!! Anyone, anyone?

  19. Zorro 3: Invasion of the Pod People.

  20. “Say Goodnight Gracie” George Burns in his final days hits the links.

  21. mo mo

    Stuart’s father left us on Tues-dee.

  22. Antigone

    I always look like that after sucking dinosaur dick.

  23. fishbowl

    i hope that is just a bad picture… or i have been really decieved… never seen a bad pic. of CZJ.

    after u look at it for a little, it doesn’t look THAT bad…

  24. Brian

    I thought it was Jamie Lee as well.I live in Bermuda and have met Catherine here a few times and she is one of the most beautiful women in the world in person.

  25. Mark

    Catherine is closer to 40 than 35. She has been lying about her age for years.

    That’s why her figure is so middle-aged and why she has the middle-aged spread coming on. That’s why she had plastic surgery on her eyes at 32. She’s a has been now.

    She could even be 42.

  26. holliday

    is it just me or does she start to look more and more like angelica houston every day?

  27. yoyo

    you need to post a picture of E.T. the exterterrestrial next to her.

  28. Trisha

    Is that gray hair I see? WOW…I love it. Can’t stand CZJ.

  29. Joan

    I think this is Kathie Lee Gifford. It looks exactly like her..Stupid facial expression and all. No?

  30. rob

    ha ha ha ha ha re: looks like Audrey Hepburn in last days!!! Evil, but funny.

  31. pee pee mcpoop

    rob has my back. Seriously folks, she deserves a bad photo and bad press for smoking while 8 months pregnant. Have you guys seen those photos?

  32. sashay

    In any other photo, Catherine is a beyootiful woman. That face however, adds about 15 years to her face.

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