Caption It! #65

August 30th, 2005 // 33 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. passer


    Is she even aware that her nips are out?? that’s actually a funny picture.

  2. Erica

    There’s nothing like a good ol’ NIP SLIP!!!!

  3. j

    Is that one of them push up bathing suits? Ya’d think she might feel a draft or something. Must be pretty cold water

  4. j

    Thank God Courtney Love doesn’t buy her swimming wear at the same place.

  5. LOL

    I find this pic funny cuz sometimes that happens to me when I put my bra on and not even know my own nips are out like that, lol.

    i apologize, I know, too much info.

  6. lla

    How do you not notice this??????

  7. anni

    I thought it was Priscilla Presley at first. Who wears their Valentine Day bra to swim? and it’s too small. It must be leftover from before the implants. Weird.

  8. Jane

    That’s happened to me a few times but only when I wear a padded bra. Still, in that open space, wouldn’t you at least feel some sort of breeze dancing across them? Maybe implants killed the nerve endings already? BLECH!!!

  9. Brian

    I thought “shrinkage” happened to what you put in the suit,not the suit itself……

  10. marlyn

    Sadie Frost starring in “Austin Power 4: The Return of the Fembots”.

    Take that Jude!!!

  11. kathyp

    Sadie, sadie, lovely lady

  12. steve

    I think Sadie needs one more nips/tuck.

  13. Cheesy

    Oh, that’s so unfortunate.

    But, man, that suit is pretty tight–no way you don’t know that’s goin’ on.

    Maybe she’s reminding Jude what he left behind?

  14. Sarah

    She obviously saw too many pics of Tara Reid hanging out… That photo in Glamour was a What NOT to wear not What TO wear!

  15. Ummm… err…. WOW??
    Why bother with the bikini, if you’re going to unleash the main attractions?
    Nip Slips are all the rage… and becoming ALL to common

  16. SadiesNips

    Nipples are forever
    They are all I need to please me
    They can stimulate and tease me
    They won’t leave in the night
    I’ve no fear that they might
    Desert me
    Nipples are forever
    Nipples are forever, forever

    I don’t need love
    For what good will it do mean
    Nipples never lie to me
    For when love’s gone

    (My deepest apologies to Shirley Bassey)

  17. spitfire

    It was a nude beach and she just couldn’t decide whether she wanted to go for it or not. So she just went half-sies. Happens to me all the time. Er, i mean,, umm…..

  18. look at me!

    “Made you look!”

  19. miguelito


    who is that?

  20. Sarah

    look at me look at me yes that’s right over here!

  21. Houla

    This is what happens when there is more pad than bra. But it doesn’t look she’s got implants, hu?

  22. Roni

    disturbing in just about every sense of the word

  23. Lucy

    Sadie Frost tries the nip slip stunt to see if she’ll get more publicity. Anyone watching? Ah damn, maybe I need to do it again.

  24. Amy

    Everytime Sadie splits and then hook up with a guy she goes swimming and things like this happen, the first time she went swimming with her recent ex, it was her bikini pants that slipped. Attention seeking whore.

  25. doofus

    just FYI guys…it DOES happen a lot at the beach. waves are strong enough to knock people down; they’re certainly strong enough to pull your suit down a bit.

    and I have to say, you DON’T always feel it. Sometimes it happens and you don’t know until your friend points it out or, if you’re alone, you notice people staring. and yes, I am speaking from experience.

    in fact, it happened to me just last weekend. thankfully, a woman right next to me said “oh, you’re popping out” or something like that, but only loud enough for me to hear.

  26. Sadie Frost isn’t as hiddeous as I thought she was. And it looks like she lost some weight. Nice nips too.

  27. Meliss

    See that Jude! Even my nipples are bigger than your dick!

  28. Nipple me this
    Nipple me that

  29. Avleyawski

    Peek-a boo!

  30. Whatever

    That’s SO obviously photoshopped. Her nipples look square. Give me a break.

  31. Callie


  32. toyks

    Sadie finds the water a little nippy! Oh I no i could do better

  33. Erika

    Ooh thank goodness Jude got out if that’s what he woke up to every morning…

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