Caption It! #62

August 25th, 2005 // 32 Comments

(Image via Yahoo!)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Antigone

    Eyes Wide Shut Again

  2. Anna Nicole

    Miss Piggy re-emerges after TrimSpa diet.

  3. lala

    obscene, disturbing, and even comical. UGH! I can’t even look at it anymore.

  4. jake

    this is a dumb caption it. boring.

  5. doofus

    wait, is this for REAL? or is it a still shot from Zoolander?

    because, if not, them I’m with lala…disturbing, yet comical.

  6. Gossip Guru

    Ok, I love it. You know the model was like “What the fu*ck?”

  7. nobody

    The other white meat -lite.

  8. kitalyn414

    furry fashion week 2005.

  9. I am SO bothered by that non-matching sailors cap.

  10. Kirsty Alley is looking good these days.

  11. Monica

    Finally, a designer decides to cut the bullshit and acknowledge that all models are the same: pig-headed sluts in underwear. A masterpiece.

  12. bitty boop

    Miss Piggy sez, “Do you like my bo-o-o-o-dy?”

  13. La Femme Pigita.

  14. A Boy and His Dog

    I’d say Tara Reid but the boobs are too small….

    and it’s standing upright

  15. caro

    Enough with the Kelly Monaco pics already.

  16. miguelito

    oh paris, just stop it

  17. Kitty

    tara reid is looking pretty skinny these days

  18. CouchJumper

    The newest Victoria secret ad campaign – finally admitting its all about pieces of meat.

  19. My dream has finally come true, Miss Piggy is really fuckable!

  20. TasAnnie

    So THAT’S Victoria’s Secret!

  21. boars head

    I’m typing this with my boner.

  22. Rob

    mariah looking better and less fat in a bikini than the otherday

  23. crystal

    nothing to do:

    according to wikipedia, Nicole Richie is a “fugly anorexic bitch”.

  24. Pork: sexy enough to eat.

  25. Glamorkitty

    Posh Spice on the runway

  26. peanut

    I’d do that pig.

  27. Pleasant

    My bone knows no bounds. I’d hit it. Is it too early to start drinking wine?

  28. jim

    Michael Jackson’s new look

  29. inked

    I can’t help it, when I look in the mirror I see a pig.

  30. Monica

    You can stick it in my nostrils too!

  31. HOmade

    I see Kelly Osborne’s lost a bunch of weight.

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