Caption It! #61

August 24th, 2005 // 44 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Allie

    OMG, what a trainwreak this girl is! Does this girl do any acting? Seems like all she does is party…..

  2. STU

    These boots were made for boozin’, that’s just what they’ll do. Once of these days my tits are gonna flop out onto you…

  3. Whatever

    Just slip off the dress and she’s ready for some mud wrestling.

  4. doofus

    “Tara Reid unveils the new barf-proof boot! Now, instead of ruining a beautiful pair of Manolo’s, hose ‘em down! Watch Tara demonstrate this ground-breaking new product on the next episode of ‘Taradise’!”

  5. Tara: “Hey, can anyone point me in the direction of the beer garden? I heard there was a keg that had sprung a leak – does anyone have a straw?”

  6. Roni

    Guests line up at the freak show to see the Perennially Drunk B List Celebrity (fully equipped with bark-proof boots to make her more comfortable in her habitat)

  7. Jenny

    Did you ever think the girl is terribly unhappy. Except for the boots, she looks better than I’ve in a long time. Give her a break!

  8. stinky

    Oh yea, she going look just fabulous @ 40. Is she in a “make yourself ugly through partying” competition with Courtney Love or something?

  9. Jay

    Tara thinking to herself “There’s no way my tits can fall out of this dress”

  10. Coco

    Wait a sec. Was that shot from that last episode of that show she does, with the running with the bulls, and they had to wear red and white? that at least would be half an excuse for those awful galoshes. :-)

  11. Icequeen

    “Tara desperate for acting gigs: Moonlights as bigbird”

  12. “I know these boots are butt fugly, but my publicist thinks this is the only way I won’t fall off my high heels and flash my fake titties for a change…besides, I’ll have somewhere to barf when i drink to much…again.”

  13. michelle

    wait! she may be sober here!

  14. mk


  15. Antigone

    Alcoholism = Loss of Bowel Control!
    Be Prepared!

  16. doofus

    jenny, she very well may be unhappy…drinking that much all the time is certainly an indicator of that.

    however, there ARE better, HEALTHIER, ways to go about getting rid of your unhappiness. Until she stops drinking and starts seeing a shrink/therapist, stops making a fool of herself while drunk and starts acting like a lady (or even starts acting her AGE!), she’s not going to get much of a break from anybody.

  17. Geez

    Oh ya, she is sooooooooo unhappy with her life. Lemme guess, her self-destructive partying, drinking, and promiscuous sex are all results of her “unhappy life”.

    Cry me a fucking river. She looked pretty happy to me tanning and cruising at the beaches carrying her thousand dollar purse and Chanel sunglasses.

    Give me a break, what she needs to do is GROW THE FUCK UP!

  18. Michelle

    *stares in awe as Geez rips her a new one* Don’t know whether to applaud or run away in fear. Good rant there, Geez.

  19. Cynthia

    hahaha! Geez that’s great! Hey, alcohol is a depressant, so if she is unhappy, maybe she should stop all the drinking!

  20. em chick

    I vote for Stu!

  21. Jillian

    Tara went digging for clams, after she heard they make great implants. What a douchebasket.

    go sox

  22. The funniest thing is that no one is looking at her.

  23. mandy

    um, i guess tara didn’t get the memo that she was supposed to wear birkenstocks to the outdoor hippie fest, not red golashes. Anyone notice the tie dye behind her?

  24. kitty

    a view from the pig pen at the LA county fair

  25. MissM

    I think she has those boots on so she wont get muddy feet and her heels all yucky.

  26. Laurette

    Ewww she looks bloated!! It must be all the
    booze she chugs…jajaja i bet those boots
    end up filled w/ pee by the end of the night!!!

    What a waste of life and money!

  27. TasAnnie

    The boots seem perfectly suitable for Tara…they’re made for walking through shit.

  28. yeah – fuck off – whatever – I only do these farm shows cuz the pay me in CASH, ok?

  29. Tara Reid puts on boots to trample through the metaphorical crap that is her acting career.

  30. natalie

    i’m tired of all these tara reid pics we get it she’s a drunk with fake boobs

  31. blackmamba

    little hoe on the prairie

  32. Steve

    Tara Reid’s career takes a turn for the better as her agent books her a sweet gig as the headliner at the Greenville County Petty Zoo.

  33. Randy

    I always thought she belonged in the barnyard.

  34. RubbRubb

    “Hi folks! On my way to hang out and get drunk with the other pigs.”

  35. Summer is almost over and my “summer boobs” are set to self destruct any day now.

    My doctor said these sweet galoshes should help conserve the saline for next summer!

  36. K-Ren

    She obviously wasn’t sober when picking out her outfit. Not like I expected her to be.

  37. RubbRubb

    OMFG Elle, that was too funny! Well said.

  38. lauz

    forget the boots, look at those wrinkly grandma hands!

  39. Anonymous-san

    She’s quickly turning into a mix of Paris Hilton and Courtney Love… except with hideous nipples.

  40. A Boy and His Dog

    Does she have a red rubber purse to match?

  41. Jizbiotch

    Damnit!! Can’t wear my red ones today.

  42. She was caged for wearing those fug boots :)

  43. JC

    QUESTION: Does Tara’s liver still exist?

  44. carnovsky

    my boots aren’t fake!

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