Caption It! #59

August 22nd, 2005 // 47 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Laura Lord Belle

    Donatella meets Elvira meets photoshop!!

    And why is she white?

  2. Jo

    I will never look this good in jail. Man I hope they have good commisary! (sp?)

  3. Gossip Guru

    I dont know why she thinks she is white or why she wants so badly to be white. She was cute one she was just some girl from the ghetto. She still is some girl from the ghetto, who has had her skin lightend and her nose and chin and lips and brow and breast done. Poor little hood rat.

  4. superhotchickee

    Would you like to see my real V? Non? It purrs like a kitty…

  5. ERIN

    Little Kim shows how much magic photoshop can really do.

  6. mandy

    even “classed up”, she still looks trashy

  7. dumbbunny

    The midget love-child of Charles Barkley and Alana Stewart!

  8. Lola

    I think that it’s a nice period pic. I mean, she has had a rough life, she looks pretty–for once…

  9. bitty boop

    LLB, you stole my comment!! The “sort of” black Elvira!!!

  10. laurie

    Damn, those are some floppy tits. Do they look like they begin sagging at her collarbone or what?

  11. Jo

    Ha, Laurie I bet yours aren’t much better.

    I can’t believe women will criticize other women. What kind of “sisters” are you???

  12. Terry

    Lil’Kim: I’m White, That’s Hot !

  13. the man

    don’t get butt hurt, jo. It’s okay if you have saggy boobs.

  14. I stole this wig when that biotch Madonna wasn’t looking.

  15. agree

    Lil Kim always had a complex. She does want to be white, you forgot to mention the blue contacts.

    Geez, she is turning in Michael Jackson pt. 2.

    You know, for someone who is so proud of their sexuality and so confident about everything else, I think it’s very sad that she’s ashamed of being black.

  16. photographer

    “hmmm………nope. she still looks dirty… very. try taking another shower lil’ kim, and will somebody get some oust or something!”

  17. nico

    Lil Kim tries Madonna on for size.

  18. Muzi

    The Black Paris Hilton.

  19. hahah

    to Muzi> She wish!

    Lil Kim would probably love you for calling her Paris Hilton.

  20. TasAnnie

    This is actually a negative – she’s really wearing a white dress and her hair is black.

  21. medea

    meet my new face!

  22. Seriously, she HAS to get a better airbrush artist. This guy painted them in too low.

  23. Mike

    she looks like Prince more than anyone…

  24. That looks so photoshopped!

  25. megaforce

    This dame ain’t leaving here without that Maltese falcon.

  26. It'sKirbyBitches!

    wait a second there is some kind of a naomi campbell look to her.

  27. Geri

    Morticia goes blonde abd black?? WTF?

  28. harhar

    Looks like Lil Kim is suffering from the Michael Jackson disease:

    “Im-ashamed-to-be-African-American” disease.

    Symptoms include: the desire to

    - wear blonde wigs
    - make nose skinnier through cosmetic surgeries
    - excessive bleaching of the skin’s complexion
    - wear blue contact lenses

  29. Roni

    definitely have to agree with the Prince comment…i knew she looked a lot like someone and that nailed it!

  30. BlueRuin

    There is kind of an albino, Naomi Campbell thing goin’ on here.

    What could she possibly be selling? I doubt its’ bras.

  31. “I – am – really – a – MAN!”

  32. Jizbiotch

    Give us a break, this bitch is tooo, too, muted I live like I’m dead- She looks dead.

  33. If Biggie could only see me now…

  34. Amy <3

    “Ok, ok…so i put my arm here? And a kind of have to look what? Sexy? Oh I don’t even have to TRY to do that, it comes naturally to me. This is my sexy face…”

  35. You know how Michael morphed himself into Diana Ross, then a white woman, and most recently into an ivory-white, waiflike, putty nosed alien? Well, watchout, cause Lil’ Kim is trying to morph herself too. She started an ungroomed too-much-make-up-wearin, flatchested, bushy eyebrowed, ghetto shorty. She then met BIGGY and morphed into the ghetto fabolous globe breasted Queen Bee. Now she’s started her transformation from the Lil’ Kim we know and love into the post-children version of Madonna.
    Mark my words, when she gets out of jail she’ll mysteriously have picked up a British accent, her arms will be ripped from Yoga, she’ll have written three children’s books, and she’ll be wearing one of those little red kabbalah strings. Why Madonna though? If she were really following in Michael’s footsteps of bizarre out-trumping transformations wouldn’t it make sense that her next logical morph would be into either a really tall bald white man, or a very small furry creature resembling Snarf from Thundercats.

  36. reesha

    ooh, Donatella Versace is so pretty in this picture!!!!! heee heee

  37. SHERYL


  38. So, everytime white women get 1. a tan, 2. their butts surgically enhanced or use padded panties and 3. get collagen injections in their lips, are they trying to be black???? She doesn’t not want to be white. Maybe lighter skinned, but in no way does she want to be a white woman.

  39. And she looks very soft and pretty for once.

  40. Spock

    Spock: “Fascinating! Only beings of enormous intelligence are capable of this high abstraction! It’s remarkable!”
    Bones: “This ugly thing has no attraction on me.”
    Spock: “Not surprising! Most humans have a one-sided view of beauty, unable to enclose the elegance of pure logic and abstract structures and shapes.”
    Bones: “Well, going over it, I regard this as an advantage.”

  41. reesha

    this photographer is a living genius. i want him to do MY photographs from now on. anyone know who the photog is? and what magazine is this photo from?

  42. Holy SHIT!!! Is that the Grand Canyon??? Nope, just Lil Kim’s clevage…

  43. anona

    To TigerLilly> You are obviously deluded.

    Everything you named is not limited to just black ppl. White girls can have natural thick lips, a full arse, and olive complexion.

    It’s pretty obvious Lil Kim is confused and insecure. If you can’t see it, then you must be just as confused as Lil Kim.

    P.s. I didnt know wanting ot be light-skinned involved blue contacts, blonde hair, and a nose job.

    I actually think the old Lil Kim was much cuter, much more natural, and easier on the eyes.

  44. grace

    I agree with tigerlilly. lil km wants to be light-skinned and exotic, but white not so much. she’s trying to straddle what she sees as the best of both worlds. nevertheless, she looks a mess. she looks better than she has, but she’s still a confused mess.

  45. I Is a ho, offiskinner!

    Jesus Holy Christ in the Wendy’s lookit the posts on this Bitch! She ain’t about nothin’ and you girls go nuts again! Hmmmm .

  46. Nathan

    Oh you bunch of bitter bitches.

    On the count of 3, Stop focusing on her, and think about YOU for a second.

    Now isnt that depressing?

  47. J

    how do u even do something like that with photoshop?

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