Caption It! #58

August 19th, 2005 // 61 Comments

(Image via Conversations about Famous People)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. what’s really gross is that you can kind of see his carrot… bottom.

  2. Randy

    The question is this – what the hell did his mother and father look like?

  3. mike

    Anabolic Steroids?

  4. sick

    He isnt just ugly, but he is so hard on the eyes. I want to throw up.

  5. anthony

    If he cut his hair and stopped plucking his eyebrows he would be hot as hell.

  6. Laura Lord Belle


    (God, that is one U G L Y looking dude!) Stop plucking your eyebrows, cut your hair really short, dye it brown.. and lay off the steroids!!

  7. jake

    this gross pic made the blog round days ago. come on miu! put your power on! i miss old miu.

  8. Amy

    so wrong…yet so hot at the same time…as long as he’d agree to putting a bag over his head

  9. phinespice

    He’s ever uglier that John Basedow…sick…that little muscle that leads to the terrificly put “carrot bottom” is revolting…

  10. Jen

    I’m gonna fuckin’ throw up, you can see the “carrot” top of his pub’s!

  11. Michelle

    “Hi, my testicles are on vacation with José Canseco’s somewhere.”

  12. michelle

    MY EYES!! MY EYES!!!

  13. elaina

    sick. there are no words. just sick.

  14. Shana

    Oh shit… pants are falling down again.

  15. tinabell

    i just threw up a little in my mouth.

  16. Chelsea

    Aiyeee!!!! That’s just downright terrifying!!

  17. kill myself

    Those who said Carrot top is hot or even has the potential to look hot have disgusting taste!!

    Sure, everyone has different taste but saying carrot top is hot is like saying shit smells good!


  18. Michelle

    Is that really even carrot top? I think that’s some dude who unfortunately has his hair.

  19. busybody

    yeah that is definitely carrot top.

  20. Cynthia

    ….and the world goes into shock when it is discovered that Wendy (of the hamburger restaurants) is really…gasp!…a MAN!

  21. I thought Lucille Ball was dead.

  22. A Boy and His Dog

    It’s so sad when little dicked men try and compensate

  23. Danielle

    The curtains do not match the carpet. (next time spare us the pube show you orange hair dye freak) Also…why is he not listed on ? Not saying he hasn’t worked for his body but who rearranged this guy’s face? His eyes do not look human.

  24. cappy


  25. medea

    Bert left Ernie and he is not taking it!

  26. iluvStuds

    I would not f**k even with a paper bag over his head. This photo makes me want to vomit.

  27. JJ

    My eyes! Ugh!

  28. That’s a nice carrot patch he’s got there, eh folks?

  29. Anonymous

    Because only updates once every six fucking months or so. Shit, I’m so disgusted with them I could spit. A site so full of possibilities, and they’re sleeping.

    Anyway, I agree 100% with the poster who said this asshole looks like Raggedy Andy, if Raggedy Andy were to take steroids and spray his grotesque body with that stuff that makes raw turkeys look like they’re fully cooked.



    She Devil In High Heels

  31. PleaseGetRidOfThis

    Please POST SOMETHING NEW so I don’t have to LOOK at this everytime I check the site. It makes me not want to come back!!!!!

  32. lala

    This picture has to fake or fixed or something, it’s just too disturbing……ugh.

  33. nyctexan

    …oh God. That’s an unfortunate picture to have burned into one’s memory!!

  34. prince harry

    is it wrong to wanna hit that?

    i cant beleive carrot top is do-able!

  35. Steve

    Carrot Top displays the effects of steroids on pubic hair, as they are the only thing holding his pants up. THANK GOD!!!

  36. mike

    This is a carrot……This is a carrot on steroids….any questions?

  37. *Micha*

    I don’t usually buck the crowd, and i’m not sure just why… but he makes me so frickin’ HAWT!! OMG maybe it’s because i’m Irish or something, the hair, the skin, the fact that his nipples are the same color as his skin, and the pubes OMG… I’d break his damn back.

  38. cooper

    There’s no way that’s Carrot Top. There’s no way that’s not photoshopped… I hope.

  39. haute


  40. memememe

    Unfortunately, I know for a fact that this is not photo shopped.

  41. richard

    i’ve always had a kinky hard on for this guy! what’s he into boys/girls? be my top carrot.

  42. Gracie

    If I have to see this one more time when I come to this fabulous site again, i”m going to hurl!!!

  43. BKJester

    Desperate for attention, Carrot Top starts taking steroids, hopes for some media controversy to -reignite his career.

  44. TasAnnie

    The only thing I can say is that he’s apparently a natural redhead.

    Some people seem to really get off on becoming human cartoons.

  45. Julie

    So… The carpet matches the drapes!!!

  46. Luke

    Looks like Carrot’s juiced!!

  47. Bouj

    Not photoshopped. I saw him on TV (like ET or Extra or something) and he was wearing a tight shirt. Carrot Top really is that ripped. Unbelievable. It’s a wonder what the juice will do.

  48. blark

    Yeah, my boyfriend worked at a banquet center years ago and Carrot Top performed (is that the right word to use for Carrot Top, maybe I should replace “performed” with “shat all over the stage”) and my BF said he is totally ripped and has a horrible temper and nearly beat the shit out of some employees.

  49. The Reverend

    FUCKING GOD!!!!!

    Jesus! This is just sooo WRONG.

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