Caption It! #5

June 9th, 2005 // 49 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. sillymiss

    The freakiest, fugliest she/he clown alive. Is the circus in town?

  2. clownie

    the infamous barnum and baily nipple slip….

  3. Ella

    On Wendesday, opposite day, Tammy Faye put on what Michael Jackson took off.

  4. miguelito

    the latest barnum & bailey addition: silicon tittie, the clown :(

  5. scottc

    Isn’t she rich? Isn’t she queer?
    wig on and eyelashes glued,
    nip out, oh dear
    send in style hounds…
    there ought to be hounds…
    well maybe, next year.

  6. miguelito

    but seriously: DAAAAAMMNNN!!! bitch crazee

  7. Bitch01

    Botox gone mad…

  8. zey

    omg there are no words. is this a recent pic? it almost made me gag.

  9. rock

    There’s a reason why kids are afraid of clowns! And I would be too of my parents rented one like this one!!! yikes!!!

  10. Caption it?

    More like kill it.

  11. Like_Whoa

    Lil’ Kim does Kabuki

  12. impsble2h8

    Bozo the clown and tammy faye’s secret love child.

  13. “I’ll get you, Batman, if it’s the last thing
    I do!”

  14. cakeboy

    1. linda blair with a tan
    2. usher in drag
    3. some crazy ass baby did her makeup
    4. she looked real good before going down on
    a 3.5 ft. tall rodeo clown named kirk

  15. C.K. Dexter-Haven

    Thank God Miu ran that later in the day… seeing that at breakfast that could have caused a lot of us to upchuck…

  16. LC

    GOOD GOD!!!!!!!

  17. CBJ

    OMG, what is that???????? Is that the WMD Bush was talking about??

  18. Cynthia

    Even though Tammy Faye accidentally fell asleep in the tanning booth, she decided to make the best of it….

  19. doofus

    Lil Clown?…

    Ella, GREAT comment…TOO funny!

  20. anon

    Satan’s Clown.

  21. Oy! You know, way back in 1995, before the money and the (in)fame(y) and the surgery, she was actually a very cute girl. As sad as M.J.

  22. bunzster

    boobzo the clown

  23. Parisele

    Was everyone so consumed with her face that they missed the areola coming out to play?

  24. Tammy Faye spent too much time in the sun.

  25. *Micha*

    I was going for a sublte look…

  26. Jenny

    Eww, what the? She looks like a halloween costume went bad!

  27. Helllloooooo Lovers!
    I’m L’il Ken and I’ll be your hostess
    for the Hotttest Drag Shizzle on Earth!
    (raving applause)

  28. Trisha

    Lil’ Kim decided it was FINALLY time to tell the world she is the secret love child of Twisted Sister’s Dee Snyder!

  29. I graduated clown school and all I got was this lousy brown nipple.

  30. akadrenalinegirl

    wow, stress really can add the pounds

  31. medea

    Her make up artist should be on deathrow?

  32. ttt

    Rick James, Beeytch…

  33. missbehaves

    No wonder she got plastic surgery! Although now she looks more like a gremlin.

  34. “I thought this was the perfect mask to put on before robbing that bank, but then those damn Valiums kicked in, and I’m just feeling toooooo good to be bad. What’s that? Nibble? Kitty? Are you as high as I am?! **smile and nod**”

  35. Max


  36. Maria

    Obviously, the loss of any sense of style that happens to rich/famous folks is a scientific phenomenon.

  37. HollabackBoy

    I have to acknowledge the silver lining in that this particular cry for help won’t result in her stomach being pumped. A for progress!

  38. The black Elizabeth Taylor…

  39. olla

    Quick and easy way to be scared of women for life.

  40. EFFERT

    Little Richard comes out of the closet with guns blazing.

  41. Anonymous

    He’s gonna stay at the YYYYYY—–MMMMMMM—–CCCCCCCCC-AAA/ He’s going to stay at the YYYY……

  42. who??

    What pic are we looking at Tom or Kim? I predicted it, Tom was going to act stupid again like he did on Oprah!

  43. Scientology is #1! Scientology is #1! Scientology is #1!

  44. Handbagsnme

    Apparently there are no mirrors in her house and her makeup artist is blind! The seeing-eye dog could’ve done better. She needs to get the number to the celebrity support group called “I Have A Problem: I Can’t Keep My Nipples Covered”

  45. kilicky

    is that rowetta from x factor and a young jude law?

  46. CR!

    Chewbacca’s new flame, Boob-browwa.

  47. cherry_tango

    hmmm is that rowetta from x-factor in britain and jude law??

  48. btrue2myself

    The guy kinda looks like Frankie Muniz

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