Caption It! #49

August 5th, 2005 // 48 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. jtg

    Hobbits Gone Wild! One G-string to rule them all…

  2. lola

    umm, photoshop anyone? Check the diff. in skin tones….

  3. J

    Must. Tear. Eyes. Out.

  4. josieandthe pussycats

    David hasselhoff want s his speedos back, Bitch!

  5. MA

    I guess Frodo does carry a sword afterall

  6. doofus

    whoever belongs to that bod, he is packin’! but it sure ain’t sean astin.

    lola, you nailed it on the diff in skin tones.

  7. timk

    Sorry folks, the pics are legit. See more at if you must.

  8. /-\Alexander/-\

    Who said a little weight didn’t look good? What a fine way to upgrade from the dickless Latsis post yesterday.

  9. doofus

    timk, I stand corrected.

    must be a shadow causing that line across his neck/chest area.

    who knew a little hobbit had so much to give?!

  10. Paris Hilton

    Is that Stephan de Kwiatkowski?
    Hey Lulu!

  11. ” good enough for you, is it good enough for me, it’s gooooood it good, good enough, good enough for meeeeee, aye ya ya ya ya e yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”

    down here, it’s our time. down here.

  12. ok

    Maybe if I prance around in this a while, I’ll end up on Miu’s site and revamp my career.


    If Nikki gets tired of Kevin, one look at my junk and I’ll slide right in.

  13. sarah

    that’s just wrong…
    fat man in a speedo, ewwwww

  14. Brian


  15. Julie

    Oh. Mah. Gawd.

    Frodo’s got himself a neon bright banana hammock!!! EW. I have crushed on Sean Astin for years only to have it ruined now and forever. EW.

  16. Julie

    Is that half of Henry Winkler’s face I see on the right? Could this be a movie still? For a comedy? Please tell me it’s a movie still.

  17. Mariana

    I sincerely hope he’s wearing this for a film role. Please, please tell me he is! PLEASE!!!!!

    On a side note, his father was my acting teacher for a while. Such a sweetheart.

  18. ilostmyshoe

    Oh for the love of god….

    Somewhere Smeigel is laughing…

  19. auntcarrie4

    OH NO! My whole perception of “Mikey” from Goonies just got killed! Sort of a sad reveral now when you know that “Chunk” is a really hot lawyer now.

  20. That is seriously one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen.

  21. Aurelia


  22. Danielle

    “But the Fonz said red was slimming!” (see right side)

  23. submit

    Da Frodo Go-Go Speedo No-No

  24. Mini

    No.2: This is my Italian confidential secretary. Her name is Alotta. Alotta Fagina

  25. lolo

    notice that it is bicolor!

  26. Do you think I’m pretty?

  27. tahoephantom

    more evidence that miu miu is cock deficient… now checking out hobbits in boner suits and stooping to the levels of anna nicole so as to bring up the schwanz dangling from the purportedly grande irishman. on a more empirical note, remember that young sam is the size of a munchkin before proclaiming the return of johnny wad… where’s the yardschtik for reference?

  28. john

    Is this a photo of Eight Is Enough’s Dick Van Patten on
    Battle Of The Network Stars?

  29. iluvStuds

    I know most of you think this is gross out and disgusting.
    But i kinda find it sexy.It’s kinda hot……

  30. R

    MY EYES!! MY EYES!!!


  31. bad bunny

    this is a very brave and bold man…but still…that’s just so wrong

  32. Tony

    So I’m the odd man out here – he’s no modle, but I think he’s sort of cute and he has a ginormus package

  33. Frankly I think he looks quite hot.

  34. It burns! It burns!

  35. Aurelia

    I believe that Sean Astin is on the set filming a movie called ‘Click’ with Henry Winkler.

    So i also believe we will be able to see ALLL of him when the movie comes out, on a REALLY large screen. uuugghh…..

    That is one movie i am NOT going to watch!

  36. cowgirl

    Ew. I just threw up in my mouth a little. Ew.

  37. oh, does it really matter, he’s never been a really good looking guy… in speedo- he’s still not, but he’s definately not the worse I’ve seen!!!

  38. daniel Hawley

    “Hey baby….
    get a load of my toy soldier”.

  39. xoxo

    “Hello, my precious.”

  40. Jen

    *is scared*

  41. raffo

    Hobbit rocket

  42. Banana Hammock

  43. michelle

    Ru-dy! Ru-dy! Ru-dy!

  44. kitt


    You can boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew…

  45. Michele

    Paris you are too funny! But how true is that…where is Mr. Stephan de Kwiatkowski these days? How are you? send my best to you and Nicky…

  46. Nicky

    I was out with Stephan de Kwiatkowksi last night. He did get really ugly and fat its . He also kept going to the bathroom, he’s a cokehead.

  47. Billy

    Sean is hot… would LOVE to cuddle into that “fat” man anyday!!!

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