Caption It! #45

August 1st, 2005 // 25 Comments

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Because the wheelchair makes him sink to the bottom, Mariah Carey’s homeless friend must use a rather large snorkel when swimming.

  2. lizzz

    Since Mimi’s sex change, she experiences what uncommonly known as “reverse shrinkage” when swimming in cold water..

  3. Mimi

    A water scene from the much anticipated Glitter 2

  4. j

    One possible explanation for why sea air smells fishy

  5. Gee

    Let me open my beer on your teeth…..

  6. cakeboy

    i hope u land in the lake
    your wings get wet
    and you sink.
    love, cakeboy napoli

  7. Roni

    someone’s having a sweet sweet fantasy, baby

  8. Geigh

    “Why Shaq, that’s a rather large snorkel you have there.”

  9. mary

    On a sidenote about Mariah…

    Just saw her latest video shake it off – Why cant Mariah ever just act normal in her videos like everyone else??? Why does she ALWAYS look so annoying, pretencious, and just overdramatic in all her videos???

    She has a nice voice, but just stop making videos. Makes me want to punch her.

  10. MrVDO

    Mimi is truely Emancipated by Das Boot

  11. rob

    mimi’s got a nice dong to go with her tranny tits

  12. Savannah

    Mariah forgot the sunscreen on her penile implant.

  13. Tony

    Dam, Willy.

  14. Mimi's firend

    come on, let up! she is the most talented female singer we have, if you ever bothered to buy her entire cd’s you would know. She can sing ranges that are unimaginable on radio today and better than any of those wannabe’s out there today but i guess you are all too immature to appreciate a woman who can enjoy going on vacation alone! She’s talented and has what all you envious jerks wish you could have!

  15. Heather

    ummmm mimi’s friend if you actually read someones post you would notice that mary said she is a good singer. So how does buying her cd have anything to do with her video in which mary is talking about. Last time i checked mariah wasn’t selling her new cd as a dvd retard.

  16. LRB

    i can’t think of a clever caption, but i can say that this is one of the most hilarious photos ever!!

  17. Mimi's friend

    my, my heather, you must be related to tara reid with that attidude and i am sure your butt hangs as bad as hers…i read everything….and she happen to say nice voice and not everybody spoke about her DVD or video’s and who the hell said anythign about selling dvd’s as cds, man do you feel like taking your frustrations out on people who have opinions or what….some talked about her big teeth and breast and so forth….so get a life and your facts straight.

  18. rob

    mariah is old ugly and fat. her face looks like a chipmunk. no wonder she’s not married. noone wants her because of her tranny tits

  19. Roni

    cant we all just get along? Because really guys, when it comes down to it, we are all a bunch of people with nothing better to do than check this site daily for funny pointless celebrity updates. Why such seriousness and defensiveness??

  20. jen


  21. Hmmm last I chekced, no one bought a Mariah Carey album because of the size of her breasts, so why bother with that plastic shit? I think she should just sing and get over herself, she’s just wasting her talent trying to act like she’s 19.

  22. bitty boop

    I have no idea what to say about this pic, other than it is hilarious. And, she may be able to sing, but she is a pretentious, ridiculous twat. And, her “singing” is mostly comprised of scales and really high notes, for no other reason than she can hit them. Big deal, so can any guy you hit in the balls. Hate her

  23. huh?s

    No one bought her album???

    Her last one went platinum.

    I only hate her when I have to look at her or hear her talk. She does have good songs though, I wont deny that.

  24. monkeybite

    mariah:”see i told you i could fit the other end all the way up my cooloo”

  25. uhm, Yeah

    I love Mariah! She’s thin, young, and beautiful. You men are jealous cause you can’t have her, women are jealous cause they can’t be her.

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