Caption It! #44

July 29th, 2005 // 72 Comments

(Image via Golden Fiddle)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Brava


  2. chrissy

    Three models .. one hairstylist stuck in a rut.

  3. j

    Skank. Skankier. Skankiest.

  4. *Micha*

    Destiny’s Child performed an homage to their Hero, Micheal Jackson this weekend.

  5. Julie

    “Hello, Mr. Powers.” “Hello, Mr. Powers.” “Hello, Mr. Powers.”

  6. DaDiDa

    3 Whores and their Extensions

  7. ??

    why the look? the camera man is dangling a cracker in front of the camera.

  8. bitty boop

    Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-dum, and Tweedle-dumber

    (altho I love Brava & Julie’s, too!)

  9. adam


    all u losers wouldent kno wat to do with these grls if they were shoved in ur face

  10. yeah boy.

    i think what you might have been trying to say was:

    all YOU losers WOULDN’T KNOW WHAT to do with these GIRLS if they were shoved in YOUR face.

    and apparently YOU wouldn’t know what to do with a dictionary if it were shoved in your face. ouch.

  11. MrVDO

    “… resistance is futile ….”

  12. mia

    To yeah boy.: I wouldn’t go correcting someone’s spelling when you yourself have neglected to capitalize the first words of your sentences…

  13. ermmmm

    And the point of this pic is?????? Are we supposed to care about these three 18 yr old looking girls? (apparently the first one hasnt even gone through puberty yet).

    U can find pics like these by just visiting any club’s websites. I just dont see the point of this at all…

  14. my goodness

    Mia> how old are you?? Your last come back was so lame.

  15. Elle

    Julie! That was gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Geigh

    Take note ladies;

    that’s what healthy

    young women should look like.


  17. Bedsuy

    Take Note Geigh

    That is what every other skank high-school drop out wanna be model looks like who may or may not be wealthy.

    It is also what when extensions go all wrong look like

    And finally this is the result of women (oh I am sorry 18 year old girls-because if you are 20 or more then you are no longer sexy) believe that there is one way to be beautiful.

    I live in New York-I have money-my friends have money and a ridiculous amount of women living in the city do as well and WE DO NOT DRESS THIS WAY NOR DO WE WANT TO.

  18. J

    The girl in the middle actually looks cute, if you take those extension out of her hair. Unfortunately… those lips look pumped. The other two …. look too plastic.

  19. joe

    aliens… seriously.

  20. ashley

    Why is everyone hating on these girls so much?

    Look at all of the actresses who always have their boobs popping out at award shows, and everyone admires them and practically worships them.

    Does any one recognize the models, especially the two on the left? You’ve probably seen them numerous times in your fashion magazine, and the one in the middle (Isabela Fontana) has been on the cover of Vogue and other fashion magazines god-only-knows times. These girls are probably more wealthy then any of us posting. You have no right to call them whores, they don’t have sex with men for money. There probably living and having the time of their life, and just because they’re so beautiful and lucky, doesn’t mean everyone has to be hating on them so much.

    Plus the caption it!’s on this site are getting pointless and stupid.

  21. Dish

    Oh yes Ashley, everyone is hating on them because they’re rich and beautiful…blah, blah, blah. Who cares, they’re girls…GIRLS (not even considered real women yet)who at the age of 21 wil be considered washed up and won’t know what to do with themselves because there won’t be anyone around like you to worship their sorry skinny asses. Well, except for their over the hill rich bastard sugar daddy who doesn’t give a damn about them except that they remain ultra skinny arm candy and know how to give good head. Oh, and money grubbing plastic surgeon and shrink. WOOOOOOWWWW, what a life…I wish I was like them :( Not all of these girls are dumb, I’ll admit that…but come on…can their lives be THAT worth while? I think not…selling out on your looks? Pathetic…believe me, money isnt’ everything.

    And Adam, come down from planet wet dream…just because these skinny models look good in pictures (most airbrushed) doesn’t mean they know how to fuck. Most of these girls and I mean GIRLS would probably break in two if a real man actually tried to have good, hard, sweaty sex with them. Keep reading your playboys little boy; Rosie Palm probably LOOOOOVVVEEESS you.

  22. jen

    and the first runner up in the charro look-alike contest is……

  23. Trisha

    coochie, coochie, coo Jen! Great caption! :)

  24. Jenna

    Give me a break…this picture was probably taken at some fashion show, they probably look this way because of some wako’s “vision”…and all the girls hating on them….go hit the gym and stop stuffing your mugs with icecream…these chick are good looking, rich and probably a whole lot happier than you….

  25. bunnymud

    The two chicks on the left: “Are we Jessiac Simpson yet???”

    The chick on the right: “Screw that. Kimberly Stweart, all the way.”


    We’re supposed to respec these girls because they get paid thousands of dollars for walking in a straight line and promote the false watermark of beauty? I’m not trying to say that they are wrong for what they do. But respect? Bitch please :D

  26. no one you know

    HAIR we are!!!!

  27. ashley

    Why the hell is everyone putting them in such a stereotype? That they’re high school dropouts, are going to be washed up, that they’re sluts, …blah blah blah!?

    Okay so maybe everyone isn’t the type of person who likes to travel the world, wear clothing that no one has ever seen before that will change the way people dress season to season year to year, wear and sometimes be given the most gorgeous apparel ever, party (and that doesn’t mean getting high or being a slut), making tons of money, and meeting lots of cool and unique people along the way.

    The majority of these models aren’t going to be washed up and marry some 70 year old billionaire. The point of modeling to them is to make money, have fun, and travel the world. A lot of models are even taking some kind of studies while they’re modeling, or they go to college afterwards. What ever they do after modeling, is probably similar to what every other young adult does with his or her life.

  28. raquel

    you are all a bunch of jerks… Natasha Polly and Isabeli Fontana are one of the best models of today!!! american people . .. always the same…

  29. Billy

    Katie Holmes completes Scientology Stepford phase.

  30. PaRis

    they are beautiful but the third one looks like trans! LOL look at her nose…

  31. ParisHilton

    i don’t know what to say about them…Paris Hilton wannabees with bad hair least Paris’ lips are real…and possibly her nose (look at Kathy Hiltons)and she said she would never get plastic surgery

  32. laurel

    There is nothing funny bout these girls. they are my idols.they are the definition of hot.

  33. ashley

    omg… parishilton… i cannot believe that you are praising her.
    Paris Hilton wannabees?! No, she wants to be them, she’s always acting like some fake model/actresses/whatever
    plus, they don’t style their own hair

  34. PaRis

    Im so sorry, my real name to be Paris! I am male btw! We all say that we hate Paris Hilton but we LOVE to death to see her next projects, photos, ect just to discuss them! Can’t stand this!

  35. Beppy

    In preperation for the new brothel in Berlin, the prostitutes are already lining up.

  36. zephyrbunny

    Isabeli to camera: “Psst! Look….If you can get us some cheetos, These two are willing to have a three way.”

  37. Geigh

    Sorry ladies, those women are not skinny.

    These women are healthy, beautiful, and probably a lot of fun being around. A lot more than what you fat slobs have to offer. And zephyr, these are not the type of girls that would do anything for a cheeto… that’s why they’re so healthy and vibrant.

    Here’s another very healthy woman:


  38. ParisHilton

    w/e ashley…there are some ppl that wont agree with you and i am one of them bitch!

  39. Genevieve

    my snapshot from my first trip to the wax museum for c list celebrities. Figures melted from flashbulb heat only shortly thereafter…

  40. MM

    “…in a desperate attempt to recoup their losses due to Jennifer Lopez’s new hair cut earlier this year, Wig’s-R-Us was forced to sell off their J-Lo hair extension collection at a 3 for 1 discount. Remarked these lucky customers: “now if we could only find ass implants on sale we’d be all set!!” “

  41. Agree

    CAN SOMEONE TELL ME, what is the POINT of posting this pic??????????

    Ya, so we’re looking at 3 girls who look like skanks, or whatever, but for whaT??

    What are we looking for? WHy is this here? Are they celebrities? Is there something special about them? WHAT?

  42. ooooh!!

    Geigh! you need your own damn blog!! Because you are terribly funny and true I look for all your posts!

  43. ashley

    C list celebrities? I don’t think so. The two models on the left are some of the most successful in the modeling industry today.

    I agree with you. The point of this pic being here i dunno. Their hair looks horrible, outfits kinda hot but slighty slutly, and their models. Maybe actors aren’t doing anything interesting anymore so this website had to resort to models with bad hair?

  44. everybody smile and say “JESSICA SIMPSON AT ALL HER BIRTHDAY PARTIES!” yay,perfect.

  45. I know this is nothing to do in this forum but I always find myself reading at your messages in here. I found myself that I’m loving it like I love tickling. So now I am always here and posting what I can feel about this site, its good isn’t it?

  46. Amanda

    Model handbook:
    how to have really big hair, look slutty cudos to make up t lots of eyliner and skank yourself up with barely there outfits

  47. Aw, Jenna, I’m honestly happier shoveling ice cream into my mouth than I’d be dieting!!

    My caption….

    *cricket, cricket*

    I could care less who the girls are or what they do, it’s the blank, vapid expressions caught in this picture that crack me up!! I’m not hating on *them* …. just the ridiculous picture. Should see how I caption my *own* pics….!!!

  48. Geigh

    Hey Blue, if expressions brought us as much

    pleasure to look at as these blank, gorgeous mugs

    people would be posting photos of Judy Tenuta.


  49. LOL no idea who that is…

    I figure if I can laugh about myself, I can laugh about others as long as no harm is meant…ya know?

  50. david

    models rock
    they’re so hot
    who cares if their hair is crap

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