Caption It! #43

July 28th, 2005 // 41 Comments

(Image via Planet Dan)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. doofus

    oy…too much saki last night…

  2. Roto

    “All I can say is my life is pretty tame.”

  3. recu

    What, sometimes the drugs can help the little babies stay still while I take pictures of them posing as bees. What’s the big deal?

  4. why?

    “Baby Bee Found Eating Crack From Bucket”

  5. Monica D will Pee on Bush

    I’m a sick babie..someone get me some saltines and a gingerale

  6. ella

    The latest addition to Angelina’s family….

  7. heidi

    just another reason why opium and honey don’t mix.

  8. lulu

    still in my clothes from last night..

  9. cakeboy

    whats a happenin hot stuff?

  10. blabbity blab

    Angelina to the rescue!

  11. Cynthia

    Oohhhhhhh….that is the LAST time I go drinking with Tara and Paris!

  12. Samito

    Japanese extreme porn finally hits a brick wall with the introduction of baby bucket in a bee-suit.

  13. Bedstuy

    Best caption it EVER!

    Really, I couldn’t take another bite…okay maybe one more honey filled crack rock!

  14. tinabell

    E True Hollywood Story : Anne Geddes Models

  15. bam

    dude, where’s my hive?

  16. J

    I promise, I’ll never hit the bottle that hard again!!! God Please…

  17. Laura

    I just saw those pictures of Tara Reid’s ass and I think I might get sick…

  18. timk

    Fujimoto present “Stoned Baby Bee Lucky Bucket Super Happy Fun Hour! SHIGATSUAHHH!!!!!!”

  19. Eggface

    Rave kids getting younger every year.

  20. gotitright

    I am the next baby that Angelina Jolie will adopt!

  21. Silly-Girl

    “No more Lemon Happy Wacky for Bee-Baby!”

  22. ignorant

    im a little OFFENDED with all those ANGELINA comments. Just because it’s an asian baby it doesnt mean it needs to be “rescued or “adopted”. Does the baby look destitute to you? Would u have made the same comment if it was a white baby? Ppl can be so ignorant sometimes it kills me.

  23. xtoolx

    I agree with what ignorant said. However the E! True Hollywood story comment is the best lol

  24. shayna

    it has less to do with an asian baby “looking” like s/he’s in need of adoption and more to do with Angelina attempting to create a rainbow coalition

  25. *Micha*

    The influence of the Hilton Sisters can be seen round the world.

  26. mysterious

    Wow, newest sensation from Asia, Harajuku Baby, where’s Gwen?

  27. blogger

    Sigh, guys, it is Korean writing on the top, NOT japanese. Stop assuming all asians are the same! And if you are not sure, dont comment!

  28. h

    i agree, the e true hollywood story one is the funniest! i even laughed out loud! the angelina comments could be harmless, but they’re ignorant …

  29. J

    “I puke honey”….haha. good one Cojo

  30. pinky

    Why do I get Gwen Stefani as my Mom? I’d rather puke my guts out than be the golden ticket on “Celebrity Adoptions Gone Wild”. I feel like the freakin’ bee-girl.

  31. I


    Dude I am fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkeedd up!!!!!!!

  32. chatty

    oh, re noi like it ani mor.

  33. wawa

    The original Korean is quite cute “The honey bees are sleepy too.” However, I prefer “Hic…Fuck Anne Geddes, she can’t stop me from being a boney hee, hic…”

  34. Jocey

    Tara Reid’s first Halloween

  35. cakeboy

    wawa ure anne geddes comment rocks

  36. Unfortinately, as this shot clearly demonstrates, Nikki Bumblesan’s helmet was cutting off circulation to his brain.

  37. neeshad patel

    hory shit. i am so fucked up. me drinkee too much sake rast night. uggghhh!

  38. sick

    Please stop taking my picture and rush me to a hospital

  39. ilostmyshoe

    Best Halloween Party ever !

  40. ray ray

    ” if i was a rich….na….na….na…na…na….na….na…na…na.naaaaaaa then i’d have all the honey in the world instead of layin mini eggs like a biiirrrrddddddd”

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