Caption It! #42

July 27th, 2005 // 34 Comments

(Image via Junk Fued)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Beth

    Mr. Ed was contemplating doing a little nibbling on Jake’s big ol’ carrot stick.

  2. ilostmyshoe

    I’m so glad you finally dumped Kursten for me.
    We both know my teeth are better than hers.

  3. Julie

    “Let’s see what YOU’VE got…”

  4. J

    It says here “next step, rub sugar cube on genitals”

  5. Me

    I can take it!

  6. SamsFlub

    W w w w wilbur, why are you back with that blonde b b b b b bitch?

  7. angelina

    Jake: hmmm, you remind me of my first boyfriend.

  8. jack

    ya guys know it’s the horse that doing the reading right?

  9. Zach

    I heard that Jake was hung like a horse!!!

  10. starrzz

    Horse: “Ok now Jake, what is this say”
    Horse: ” Very nice Jake, but less eeee”
    Jake: ” Horsey, your the best! Way better then Kirsten!”

    I still love him even if he can’t read “too good”

  11. ~ J ~

    Is Jake playing hard to get?

  12. Cynthia

    Horse: What does that law book say about having your teeth stolen? What do I do about it?
    That damn Hillary Duff! I want my teeth back dammit!

  13. Gossip Guru

    OK That is pretty hot!

  14. laurel

    this pic is so cute

  15. saphie

    Damm that Toby it should have been MY role!!!

  16. john

    Oh, turn the page Jake!!!
    I’m so scared for Harry Potter….Oh…Oh!!!!!

  17. Brian

    Jack…..thanx for the funniest comment I have read here in ages.9other than some of my own pithy remarks,of course.) ;0

  18. *Micha*

    A new celeb sex tape has made its way onto the internet.

  19. ger

    You can’t even see the horse’s lips move while he reads.

  20. realitybasedbob

    well….if it is good enough for president bush?

  21. amy

    Ive loved Jake since The Good Girl and Donnie Darko. He seems very down to earth and smart!!! not to mention cute!

  22. Jason

    So…I’m hung like one, and you look like one…

  23. Susy

    “Woa, horsey, I haven’t washed. That strong scent is from my woman.”

  24. Before the “Horse Whisperer” there was the “Horse Readerer”… Jake reprises Redford’s roll in this painfully slow, coming-of-age prequel.

  25. ISamiYami

    Hahah, ilostmyshoe, that was funny as shit!

  26. Nik

    Heather broke my back (he he) while shooting for Brokeback? Mind giving me a massage while i read?

  27. cakeboy

    are you sure they’ll pay more if I go bareback?

  28. saphie

    Toby? I knew that should have been MY role!

  29. LA

    He’s reading to me! I’m the horse! For reals!

  30. Jake: Kirsten, you know I hate it when you read over my shoulder…

  31. Horse: “You can read three more pages. If you read any more than three I’m eating your nuts.”

  32. Jon

    “Hey Jake, how about a little “roll in de hay”?

  33. Todd

    “Oh Jake…after sucking my horsecock I want to eat your carrot. You cockboy fag Jake, your cock is bigger than Maggie’s.”

  34. iva may

    I am going to break my own rules and be nice:

    “A poet, his book, and horse”

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