Caption It! #41

July 26th, 2005 // 29 Comments

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. jad

    two skeletons meet!

  2. ashley

    After losing the election, Kerry decided to live it up and party with Lindsay Lohan. Besides she parties with every other well known human being, why not Kerry?

  3. timk

    “You were in Viet-what??? Is that like a club for old dudes??? Excuse me, I have to binge on some Tic Tacs.”

  4. marg

    if you didn’t know she was lindsay lohan, you’d think she was some young trophy wife cozying up to kerry at a political fundraiser.

  5. im dum says:

    “hi – I’m L Ho, do you want to be my Daddy?”

  6. AlmostBlue

    Kerry/Lohan ’08!

  7. ??

    oh my gawd aren’t you….like….the president??

  8. LuLu

    They have lots to talk about! Kerry’s a flip-flopper, Lindsey wears flip-flops. He has two purple hearts, she likes purple. Kerry likes to kiss and hug Edwards. Lindsey likes to kiss and hug Pam Anderson. Kerry is married to Theresa, Lindsey eats a half-teaspoon of ketchup a day… see?? LOTS to talk about!

  9. MrVDO

    “Sorry you lost your erection, can I help you find it?”

    “That’s ‘election,’ dear, but yes you can still look for it”

  10. NotAnIgnorantAmerican

    Ignorant Lohan: “Sorry, I’m a Bush supporter.”

  11. Remember the homeless with Mariah Carey? Well, the poor guy found P. Diddy going to the same restaurant and asked for a picture also. lol

    i just can´t believe it. he´s the pop homeless.

  12. Lohan: “You know Kerry, if I had been on the ticket. You would have won.”

  13. kim

    No, seriously, my wife and I have an arrangement.

  14. blond bomber

    Well, actually, I don’t think that going blond would have helped, John.

  15. mary

    One question – is it because everyone focuses too much on Lindsay, or is this girl really just EVERY-F**KING-WHERE? It’s like she tries really hard to be popular with everyone, so annoying!

  16. justachick

    “Thanks for asking me to take an interest in politics, but I just don’t get involved in any dramas.”

  17. Milkshakesrtasti

    Kerry:Lindsay do you support our president george?
    Lindsay:No I don’t why?
    Kerry:Well i’ve been hearing that you need to cut bush.
    Kerry:hmmm i wonder what wilmer was talking about?

  18. realitybasedbob

    Why yes, I do have a little blue dress

  19. Baffert

    Wow, you mean we’ve BOTH been screwed by Rove?

  20. josh

    Lohan:Who are you,you look kinda familiar.
    Kerry:I am Sentor Kerry
    Lohan: Do you have any blow. I need some for a party at the Ritz tonight for the under 35 crowd.
    Kerry: Can I come along?
    Lohan:…………oh hi Lance, congratulation!!!

  21. Simon

    Kerry for boobies! “I’ll spread Heinz Ketchup all over them.”

  22. Rachel

    I was going to write something cleverly confusing, like “congratulations on your Supreme Court nomination,” but I have a feeling she wouldn’t even get that far.

    How about, “No I will NOT have sex with you … gross, another creepy old … (whispers from publicist) ummm … you’re the president!?”

  23. ilostmyshoe

    Electorial College ? Where’s that, like Chicago ?

  24. Nunya

    Brad Pitt didn’t know who I was, either…

  25. Lohan: “Didn’t you used to be famous?”
    Kerry: “Didn’t you used to be hot? “

  26. Lohan: “Who did your botox?”

    Kerry: “The same guy who did your breasts BITCH.”

  27. Lohan: “I voted for you!”
    Kerry: ” I saw Herbie Fully Loaded. . . You owe me $9.50.”

  28. Lohan: “I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller.”
    Kerry: ” I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her”
    Lohan: “I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a ’64 Impala.”
    Kerry: “Lindsay, I love the way you lay down a Skee-Lo track.”
    Lohan: “Skee-Lo makes me wet. Can I sit on your face?”
    Kerry: “Sure.”

  29. Andres C.

    Ithink lindsay lohan rocks .. i like her very much i don´t think it´s cool for you to be saying bad things about her i really would want to make a movie with her cause he rocks the only things is that im from mexico and it´s dificult for me to be wit her if you want me to make the movie with her send me an email im a great actor…

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