Caption It! #40

July 25th, 2005 // 26 Comments

(Just in case you couldn’t figure out who the stick figure was.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cynthia

    Movie poster for “The Fly II: Anorexic Horror”

  2. kroz

    I think she looks sooo good.

  3. Hubert

    Look Daddy, every time a bell rings a cokewhore loses her wings!

  4. Oh God, I am going to drop this baby… it weighs more than I do!!

  5. bitty boop

    to Hubert…..HAHAHAHAHA!!! That is brilliant!
    DJ AM or whatever is name is must be of an impressive size, cuz she shore is walkin’ bowlegged!!!!!!

  6. doofus

    yes, hubert, that was a GREAT caption…much better than I can come up with…

  7. cakeboy

    whats the matter blanche, aren’t ya gonna eat your din din?

  8. anon

    The youngest Hanson kid calls for his ride home after begin confused with Dakota Fanning by the paparazzi.

  9. Nana

    Well, I think she looks pretty, but has to stop losing weight, hã?

  10. Jen

    Oh my, she looks awful

  11. leslie

    is that the roaming gnome spending time at the beach….no wait that must be his girlfriend

  12. Sandie

    She looks fine, if she wants to be thin, it’s her choice. I like her better than Paris!

  13. Laurel

    I think she looks awesome. How come when people lose weight people automatically acuse them of an eating disorder. grow up.

  14. rob

    good for her she looks good. she always had to wear a one peice on the simple like and now she’s hotter than paris she looks great

  15. jennifer

    those bottoms look like she dropped a piece of shit in them

  16. Corey

    she doesnt look that bad at all. i seriously dont see what all the fuss is about. she looks healthy and happy so let her be.

  17. Silly-Girl

    Nicole: “Oooooh!!!!! I think my laxatives JUST kicked in!!!”

  18. Spaz Cadet

    It’d be easier not to accuse her of being anorexic if she didn’t have dark, smudge-like shadows under her shoulder blades. Or are those ugly-ass tattoos? Or photoshopped in? WTF is going on here?

  19. Hodgie

    those are her tattoos! uhhh… anyway i agree with those who think she looks hot.. she does, im glad that shes lost weight and isnt a beast like she used to be, instead of people blasting her for beign anorexic just admit y’all are jealous

  20. LizDexic

    “I wish mom hadn’t take that Thalidomide”

  21. Trisha

    It’s weird, sometimes she just looks awful skinny and then time like this picture she looks great. I think she is beautiful and doesn’t need to lose anymore. She is DEFINATELY better than that ho Paris.

  22. ilostmyshoe

    Hubert gets the prize today. I couldn’t top that comment if I tried.

    She looks like she’s about to drop a load.

  23. *Micha*

    A 911 call was placed weeks ago from the Richie household. Police are still looking for Ms. Nicole Richie’s ass.

  24. chingchoi

    she seems to be walking like Mogli the man cub from The Jungle Book movie! Where’s Baloo?

  25. This could be an outtake from that old SNL commerical spoof “Oops I crapped my pants.”

  26. medea


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