Caption It! #39

July 22nd, 2005 // 19 Comments

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. cakeboy

    rushing to lap up some man fizz
    with my newly appointed flavor saver
    to the bat pole robin!

  2. “Oh man, Gisele will never let me eat this at home (Damn Supermodels!)…now where to?”

  3. doofus

    good for him for NOT riding around in a limo or in some huge SUV, or some other type of gas-guzzler.

    he drives a Prius, and rides his bike.

    I like Leo more and more each day…not the greatest of actors, but seems like a pretty down to earth guy.

  4. I’m the king of the delivery boy world!!

  5. Nicole

    Tobey said he needed this pizza right away!!!!

  6. Adriana

    “I hope Gisele doesn’t expect me to share this pizza!”

    PS I agree about it being refreshing to see an A-list star doing normal things like riding a bike and getting his own pizza instead of having some assistant or gopher do it for him.

  7. “At the height of his popularity, Leonardo DiCaprio made millions each week. Now, his fame consists of having a bottle thrown at him and delivering pizzas.”

  8. Liz

    Leonardo is a fine actor. He seems like a cool down to earth person as was stated above. I would join him for pizza anytime. My treat.

  9. *Micha*

    The box office slump has reached far beyond what Hollywood expected.

  10. ruru

    RUN!….no!….WALK….no!….CYCLE away from jenny craig oh yeah & steal her pizza too!… now gisele will want me “catch me if you can!!!”

  11. Beautifulgirl

    Ur, jealous maybe? Leo still makes $20 mill a film and his last three films have made over $200 million worldwide (more for Catch Me if you Can).

    I’ll caption this – wish my pizza delivery guy looked like this.

  12. chock-o-chicken

    Pizza, ahh that explains his flabby gut on the beach.

  13. Jerrod

    Trying his best at being Spiderman (2)

  14. Jon

    Oh I’m so rich and cool I can even ride my bike to get some pizza. I’m the king of Greenwich Village! Tomorrow: I’ll wait on line at “Magnolia” for cupcakes and ride them home as well. Yippee! I’m too sexy for my bike, too sexy for my hat, too sexy for my shorts! :)

  15. mary

    I ADORE Leo, he reminds me of Johnny Depp – down to earth, doesnt care too much for Papparazzi, yet famous and popular – but they cant help it.

    They both deserve an oscar.

  16. leslie

    wow I need to make a good movie or I will never get to quit this crappy part time job!

  17. “Moments before Academy Award nominee Leonardo Di Caprio was mauled by a starved Kirstie Alley, he enjoyed a peaceful bike ride through Los Feliz. Apparently Alley thought “Catch Me If You Can” was a challenge.”

  18. neeshad patel

    neeshad likey….

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