Caption It! #38

July 21st, 2005 // 61 Comments

This Caption It is dedicated to cakeboy #2, silly #7 , anon #16 , and captionit #18. It’s here to stay.

(image via growabrain)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Joe

    Yikes, gettin a lil violent with your reader-base, nice move!

    Socialites are dipsticks.

  2. Brian

    Hasn’t he been giving everyone the finger for the last 4 years already?

  3. Marina

    I love this website more and more each day…haha!

  4. Liz

    I couldn’t believe people had the nerve to complain. Let ‘em go make thier own site!

  5. Heidi


  6. tdaven

    Nice! Give ‘em hell!

  7. Chris

    I didn’t know monkeys could make complicated hand gestures like that. I guess I misunderestimated him, but it’d look more natural if he just stuck to slinging his crap at America.

  8. bitty boop

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! God, I love this website!!!!!
    F U 2, Bush!!!

  9. doofus

    “George W. Bush…restoring honor and dignity to the White House on a daily basis”

    perhaps he thought that this gesture would help people “put food on their families” and stop other nations from “holding us hostile”.

  10. Anon (original)


  11. erica

    ahahahhahahha…that’s great. b/c you know your forcing people to look at the site and leave comments…

    george bush should sit on that finger and spin

  12. What do we people who spoke in favor of the Caption Its get? :-D

    You seem a little peeved, so maybe I shouldn’t have asked that…

  13. Love it! More power to you Miu, do whatever the hell you want with your blog and people can just piss off. Oh and my caption?
    “In response to your question about separation of church and state, as well as your inquiries about the ballooning deficit I have this to say…”

  14. Peekay

    That was classic !!!!

    I never ever post. I’m always here.
    I had to this time…

  15. moss


  16. prettymuchanyone

    That is why I love W! He’s awesome. Kick ass.



  18. spankie

    Like a monkey, he’s just imitating what he sees us all doing to him on the other side of the glass. =)~

  19. Rachel

    President Bush responds with typical eloquence after being asked by members of the press whether he took public opinion into consideration in selecting his Supreme Court nominee.

  20. chock-o-chicken

    I love this because I see it from the RIGHT angle. He’s giving all you fag loving, tree hugging, abortion having, anti-Christian, pro-Iraq, left wing pieces of trash, the finger!

    Go Bush! Fuck the left!

    Oh and by the way, get over it, you lost the race. Boo-hoo!

  21. Uhm, yeah

    chock-o-chicken pretty much sums up the republican party.

  22. Smell my finger…I just pulled it out of my #%$ for the first time in 6 years!

  23. Kim

    Interviewer: So, President Bush, tell us about your cocaine problem

    Bushie: Well, y’all, i use this here finger and stick it up my nose like this!

  24. ilostmyshoe

    Thanks Miu !!!

    I love writing my comments in Caption It. I get out my pent up annoyed anger created by family, friends and co workers.

    F’em if they don’t like it.

  25. Rachel T

    HUH HUH HUH … I’m soo funny. What an intelligent president we have elected. He is so STUPID. I hate him.

  26. cakeboy

    loves it!
    but i’d rather have gotten a rose.
    sniffle, sniffle…
    i got such a hardknock life

  27. olive

    Geez chock the chicken or whatever your name is. Someones upset. Yikes! why don’t you go back to your trailer park, choke your chicken and get ‘er done. Maybe after you calm down you will realize what an ignorant slob Bush is. Sorry over here on the left we prefer our politicians to speak intellegently rather than use obscene gestures. Take your hillbilly ass somewhere else!

  28. captionTHIS

    i <3 it.
    if you don’t like caption it.dont comment.duh

  29. Hillary 2008

    President Bush Thanks the People Who Actually Believed His Campaign Promises. Suckers!

  30. Bush is a DOUCHE

    How to make every dead President roll over in their graves at once.

  31. “Sorry over here on the left we prefer our politicians to speak intellegently rather than use obscene gestures.”

    Yeah. Taking a cigar and sticking it in your intern’s unmentionable places isn’t obscene at all. Come to think of it, being unfaithful to your wife and family and bonking the aforementioned intern “all because I could” just extrudes intelligence, and certainly doesn’t exemplify an “obscene gesture”.

    Being notoriously tanked in Washington area bars isn’t “obscene”. Driving drunk, running off a road into a lake at Chappaquiddick Island, and killing a young woman certainly isn’t “obscene”. However, getting your jail time suspended because of your affluence demonstrates “intelligence”, because you clearly know how to handle our judicial system.

    But what do I and my “hillbilly ass” know? Anyway, I’m off to the trailer park to cash my government welfare check that intelligent people on the left valiantly fought for. Hmm, maybe I am on the wron party indeed.

  32. Bush needs a good teabaggin

    Infantile Leader of the Free World Demonstrates how Long his Silver Spoon was.

  33. liz

    Hey, Thad–hummmm, being unfaithful, W’s pop was unfaithful to ol’ Barb; hummmm, getting tanked and then doing something stupid, W has NEVER done that before; hummmm, sending thousands of Americans to die and/or be maimed for life, that’s defiitely, 100% moral–right on, Thad!!!

  34. Kim

    Figures! He is such a dork! Can’t wait till he is gone!

  35. Sandie

    I always knew he was a jerk! I wonder who is getting the finger… well he is laughing at all of us, that’s for sure!

  36. Trisha

    umm, excuse me, chock-o-chicken…since when did we “left wingers” become “pro-Iraq?.” I think you are mistaken there…I bet you love Tobey Keith, huh? And Thad, is being a cokehead moral? If I had to choose between the guy getting his intern off and a guy who is under the influence of a narcotic to run the country, I’d rather have the guy getting off…atleast I’d know he was sober! Bush SUCKS…we anti-christians better learn how to pray…we’re in for a hell of a bumpy ride the next three years. Come to think of it, I’d say we’re pretty much living the hell that is Bush already, so it can’t possibly get worse (on second thought, yes it can). Let’s hope the country survives three more years of Bush’s finger throwin’, big fuck you. I’ll pray for it, how about you?

  37. “W’s pop was unfaithful to ol’ Barb”

    Really? I’ve never heard substantial evidence of this. I’ve heard rumors of this. And I’ve also heard rumors that Barbara Bush has had a sex change, Laura Bush is a dyke, and George H. W. Bush is an ex-communist. Until I see something other than a bunch of conspiracy theories, George and Barbara Bush have had a loving relationship.

    As much as I ridicule, I honestly don’t blame Bill Clinton entirely for his infidelity. If I were married to Hillary Clinton, I too would probably seek relations elsewhere.

    “getting tanked and then doing something stupid, W has NEVER done that before”

    I don’t recall it being in the news that George W. Bush was tanked in the past 5 to 10 years. However, Ted Kennedy’s frequent visits to bars and subsequent intoxication is almost something of a Massachusetts tradition.

    “sending thousands of Americans to die and/or be maimed for life, that’s defiitely, 100% moral”

    Let’s see. Soldiers have died because of George W. Bush knowing they rid Iraq of a dictator, and subsequently tried to restore peace. People have died as a result of Ted Kennedy knowing he had a good time at Happy Hour at the Drunken Clam. The two situations are really comparable, aren’t they?

  38. liz

    Right, “conspiracy theories” wink*wink*
    Gotcha, Thad. See you at the next log-cabin meeting. xoxo

  39. ^ How dare you insinuate or question my sexuality?! Did you not see my recent advertisement for a “B or C list starlet to accompany me to social functions. Sexual relations not required.”? That should have cleared up any doubt about my heterosexuality then and there. ;-)

    I’m not trying to promote Bush’s agenda any more than I’m trying to promote Bill Clinton’s. Honestly, I’m not the biggest Bush supporter, and I’m extremely disappointed in his handling of our government funds. What I’m trying to say is that whatever you say about conservatives can also be said about liberals. You can criticize George Bush for his substance abuse, but you can also criticize Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton for their public drunkeness and past marijuana smoking, respectively. You can criticize Bush for his perceived lack of intelligence, but you can also criticize John Kerry for his making worse grades in Yale than George W. Bush. Whatever someone says about Republicans, with a little investigating, someone can say essentially the same thing about Democrats, and vice versa.

    The thing I’m most trying to combat is the stereotypes. Calling Republicans “Nascar watching, country music listening, cheap domestic beer drinking hillbillies” is about as valid as me calling Democrats “impoverished, government dependent, idealistic, granola potheads”. Both are common stereotypes, but neither are very accurate in the long run.

  40. Trisha

    Thad…take the advice from where the “finger bush” came from…GROW A BRAIN!

  41. Craig

    The thing that really bothers me is that Republicans are STILL hashing about Bill Clinton, and this president is now in his second term. Do you get the feeling they do this to draw attention AWAY from all of the bad decisions our current administration has made? Moral values aside, unfortunately for our country the Bill Clinton years are long over now. While I will agree that both parties have members who are not exactly upstanding and who have made human mistakes that everyday people like us make on a regular basis, it has been my experience that Republicans spend a good more of their time being judgemental, idealistic, self righteous pricks. They tend to forget more about their own parties indescretions and spend more time pointing fingers or finding someone else to blame (usually a democrat).

  42. discoqwene

    Way to go kitty kat! You said it!

  43. Why do Republicans still focus on President Clinton’s indiscretions? For two reasons: first, Clinton walked into that trap himself. He actually made it easy for Republicans to ridicule and scorn him for years to come. Second, well, there hasn’t been a Democratic president for 5 years. And quite honestly, I don’t forsee another Democratic president in the forseeable future. The Democrats have lost and continue touch with America, but that’s for another discussion entirely.

    The current Karl Rove situation: Democrats are calling for his resignation and criticizing Bush for not following through with pledge to fire any source leaker. What is the GOP saying? “This is a partisan attack from the Democrats.”

    Zippergate: President Clinton was impeached for perjury because of his lewd acts. What did the Democrats say? “This is a partisan attack from the GOP.”

    Criticize us all you want, but don’t even think about accusing us of things Democrats are notorious for, too. Yes, Republicans shift the blame to the Democrats. But Democrats also shift the blame to the Republicans. It’s beyond a political tendency; it’s a human tendency.

  44. Craig

    Thad…take your political agenda to a site that cares. You’re getting entirely too serious for the website man. This is a celebrity webpage…it’s supposed to be fun. Last I checked, Bush was a semi-celebrity. Talking politics with another blind Republican just ain’t fun. We see and hear enough of this shit on the news. Go away. Move on…get a life…whatever.

  45. I fail to see how “I’m getting too serious” when I try to defend my party, but when you attempt to defend your party, it’s somehow related to the fun nature of this being a celebrity webpage. I guess I could just sit back and let the derivitive conservative comments float over me, but you didn’t sit back and let my comments flow, either. Debating with a run-of-the-mill intolerant, elitist liberal isn’t my favorite thing either, but I must admit, some times it is rather fun.

    But in the interest of bipartisianship, I too will give my caption to this.

    “George W. Bush, in his usual eloquence, responds to”


    “The President shows us what he really thinks of the two Paris’s engagement.”

  46. woah

    Wow. Comparing the Karl Rove “situation” of leaking information that ruined someone’s career compared to Clinton having sex is not really in the same ballpark. Lighten up.

  47. casiobeat

    it’s not about clinton v. bush. whatever, clinton lied about sexual affairs. clinton is a whore. fine. we get it.

    but even my poor mother who voted for bush in the first election is FURIOUS at this administration. in fact, the republicans i know feel he has abandoned the party, and are upset. why? well, besides excessive spending and pushing our country into massive debt, it’s because of LIES. this is the most secretive administration to ever enter the white house. the karl rove situation is just one piece on the puzzle that spells “IRAQ: COVERUP, WE LIED.”

    just what exactly is your breaking point? i guess it’s not the lack of wmds, the thousands of kids who died, falsely linking 9-11 to iraq, or karl rove’s revenge against those who dare oppose the administration.

    when do you break from your hardline partisianship and actually look at this picture as a thinking individual? i mean, jeez, i’ve always been a proud progressive, but even i knew when to disagree with clinton every now and then.

  48. lunatic liberal

    not just ruined career–the v. plame lead jeapordized national security. but whatever–Bush and his administration give the American people a bird everyday and the majority of us sit there and take it like it’s our fucking job.

    No, Mr. President, fuck you!

  49. Rachel S.

    He is just awesome! He’s the best leader that any country besides England (Tony Blair) has ever had. America should be very proud. ROCK ON! Republicans in the white house from now on. All of you tree hugging , anti-war, left wing liberals, will just have to live with it.

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