Caption It! #37

July 20th, 2005 // 39 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. kp

    “What do you mean I’m not the father!?”

  2. cakeboy

    so sick of caption it

  3. bly

    omg…we are like so lost.

    i know we parked the car here…

    did u remember to lock it?

    ugh we are so over jake!

  4. Jolie

    uh….the nancy boy and his beard???

  5. ella

    Kirsten: “Um, are we dating?”
    Jake: “I don’t know, what do you think?”
    Kirsten: “I don’t know, what do you think?”
    Jake: “I don’t know, what do you think?”

  6. ilostmyshoe

    I know I look like a boy Jake, but I love you.

  7. silly

    I agree – Caption it is so boring

  8. deb

    Jake: Oh my God!! Please tell me I don’t have to look at her!!

  9. Andy W

    How Much Sex Would You Have With Jake Gyllenhaal?

  10. Anon

    Bich! NO! I will not hang upside down for a kiss!! Let it GO!

  11. Ryan

    Now how do I get rid of her and get to Chelsea?

  12. Kirstin: “Jake, you know, this white t-shirt thing is getting really old. How about some variety?”

    Jake: “But they’re so cheap! You can get a pack of 10 for only $5!”

    Off topic: I’m a fan of these “Caption It!” things. I think they’re fun.

  13. cortney

    Miu, CAN you please stop with all these “caption it”
    They were cool once in a while, now they are just boring and a waste of space on your site.

  14. “I really feel like I need to give sex with men a shot before we go through with this whole wedding thing…”

  15. Jerrod

    Kirst: ” Jake, dont leave me because my profile makes me look like a turtle !”
    Jake: sniff sniff “Did you just take a dump in your pants?”
    Kirst: ” Sorry “

  16. anon

    please stop with the caption its. they are boring.

  17. Candy

    zzzzzzzzzzz – Glynhall or whatever and Kirsten Dumst – two of the most borig celebs ever.

  18. caption it

    no more caption it…please

  19. If you don’t like the Caption It! things, then don’t read the comments. Just treat it like a regular entry of some photos of celebrities.

  20. Jerrod

    Yeah, no kidding, if you dont like Caption Its, dont read em! I love Caption Its!!:-)

  21. *Micha*

    Right after giving birth, Britney and Kevin share a cigarette outside a coffee shop.

  22. haha

    K: Are you looking at that girl’s ass?
    J: No I’m just admiri- I’m not look- I swear…*pops a boner*

  23. cris

    caption its WERE funny every once in while. they suck now…gotten a little boring. wait, that means the people making the captions are boring. great. now i’m boring.

  24. Mariana

    “Where’s the satanic bunny?”

  25. mia

    Mui baby, I don’t hate the Caption Its like the others; they’re cool when the picture is funny/interesting. When it’s a funny picture the responses are funny too… so these posts are bad because the picture… is bad too. I love this site though, keep doin’ ya thang, girl!

  26. Jerrod

    Jakeey poo: “Kirsten, I cannot believe you would crap ur pants in public!”

  27. J

    I have to find her some food ….

  28. j

    White people. Can’t dance.

  29. I told you we should have dressed better. They didn’t give us our celebrity discount.

  30. RubbRubb

    Didn’t she have boobs a few years ago? Like when Spiderman came out? WTF?

  31. glitterjar

    they look cute.NOT done up by stupid stylist,
    just natural looking and enjoying themselves and not pretneding every time going out has to be a media event. Plus, THESE TWO CAN ACT and not just flash in the pan like those really getting on my nerve tweens/no talents losers.

  32. CAP # 1: Lost in Manhattanization
    CAP # 2: I’m pretty sure I told Maggie to hint to her I’d be coming here alone.
    CAP # 3: That’s funny… I don’t see a yellow brick road.

  33. bitty boop

    dumpy is as dumpy does…

  34. mattdamon

    Kirsten: Can you see who it is?
    Jake: I think it’s Gary Coleman
    Kirsten: Wow maybe if we weren’t as dull as dirt the paparazzi would take a picture of us.
    Jake: Yeah, maybe! Wanna go see?
    Kirsten: Sure, the host said it’s still a 30 minute wait.

  35. MA

    Kirstin, that last coke dealer said $50 a gram. The other guy said $45. I don’t know which way to go. We might need that five bucks. Ah, screw it! Lets get Starbucks.

  36. Nicole

    Jake and Kirsten enact their favorite sexual role-play game: Hooker and a john. Jake makes sure to keep an eye out for any rouge Vice cops while Kirsten readies her “Me love you long time.” speech.

  37. Jamesy

    Jake: Fancy bumping into you here!
    Kirsten: We gotta keep People and InTouch interested in us, so these monthly *meetings* are needed.
    Jake: Can I bring my boyfriend Jamesy next time, he’s so dreamy and you would love him.
    Kirsten: Whatever!

  38. Les

    Kirsten: How long to we have to wait for this coke?!?
    Jake: Well, if it isnt delivered in 30 minutes we get an 8 ball free.

  39. Uma Andersson

    J:Listen Biatch, do you wanna shag or not?
    K:Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, OK.
    J Internal monologue: “I’d like a slurpee and I think that hooker digs my shoes!”

    PS – I am wearing the exact same dress today, and my boobs aren’t pimples, its just the hang of the dress, makes you look 14.

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