Caption It! #36

July 19th, 2005 // 26 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. MT

    I still say it looked better on me!

  2. afrika jones

    ok…honey, he is gay. i mean, i know gay, and your man is definately gay.

  3. jennifer

    Ooohhh. I LOVE gems! Gems, gems, gems. Not sure about the pantyhose lining…aw who am I kidding? Panyhose are a mans bestfriend!

  4. Roo

    It looks like he’s questioning his sexuality. With his mouth all open and stuff. He’s looking at them tatties!!

  5. qfd

    are those real darling? you really must give me the name of your plastic surgeon, because obviously mine is horrible

  6. timk

    Scientific proof that *no man* can control the eye drift reflex when talking to a woman.

  7. Mind if I touch? Don’t worry, honey, it won’t mean anything to me.

  8. Blah

    Oh my GOD. So THAT’S what they look like!

  9. TJ

    Those are nice, but mine are better…

  10. Mariana

    The milk’s gone bad.

  11. Beth

    Those puppies make up for your hair!

  12. anni

    You and your 2 friends remember, the rule here is you don’t speak unless spoken to.

  13. ??

    i didn’t know we were at an 80′s party!

  14. john

    “Blimey! Are those tits or testicles?!!!” Jokes Sir Elton John (seen here with “serious” stage actress Bobbi Tyler, daughter of Bonnie “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” Tyler). Bobbi is starring as Katie in the Westend production of Sir Elton and Tim Rice’s new musical “I Love This Woman!”. Based on the recent crazylove antics of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, “Woman” is a campy ode to denial, greed and Hollywood.”I find them both utterly deplorable”,states John,”But Missy Tom is so f**kin’ shaggable, isn’t she? And I looove seeing her spiral into midlife cheshire cat grinning insanity!” John continues,”Think of it (the show) as Breathless meets Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?… with a disco beat. Tim and I decided only the gayest genre of music would work for this “Boy chooses Girl pays Girl” love story.” With song titles like “The Scientology Two Step”, “It’s Only 5 Years For 5 Million” and the showstopper “Matt,Your Glib”, Sir Elton definitely has a controversial hit on his hands. The cast includes Robbie Williams as Tom, Spice Girl Melanie B as Oprah, Alec Baldwin as L. Ron Hubbard and multi-tasking Tracy Ullman as Nicole/ Penelope/Xenu. ” I F**king don’t care if Cruise sues my farty ass” screams John,” If it looks like a Mo and walks like a Mo it’s a scientologist!”

  15. oliverstwist

    he say’s he’s gay but maybe he’s curiouse???

  16. *Micha*

    Elton John sighs and thinks to himself, I remember when mine were that perky.

  17. mizzzjulie

    Elton: Oh honey, WHAT are those giant things?

    Giant-Headed Girl: You mean my breasts??

    Elton: No, no not those, the REALLY big things!

    GHG: Oh, my eyebrows!!

    Elton: Oh, thank gawd honey, I thought caterpillers were attacking your head! Now, about that mop you’re using as a wig…

  18. Christian Coalition Introduces New “Secret Weapon” in Converting Hollywood Homos

  19. glitterjar

    Elton” you look wickedly Fantastic for a drag queen/trendsgender of whatever…..who is your doctor?”

  20. realitybasedbob

    I think me mum has those too!

  21. “Ladies, so good to see you!”

  22. MA

    Damn girlfriend, if was straight, I’d ignore how horribly tacky that dress is.

  23. Hey, I have that same top in blue. TWINS!!

  24. elljay

    “Nice tits but I think they’d look better on me.”

  25. J

    OK…. I’m gay, right?

  26. You know, they look like Daniel’s, I mean Danielle’s.

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