Caption It! #35

July 18th, 2005 // 29 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. G

    Who is that ????????????

  2. She looks funny, and look at that guy behind her!

  3. movie

    That’s a still from the movie Closer.

  4. Elle

    Yeah, it’s at the end….I really liked that movie.

  5. Tara

    Yeah, she has a shaved head now for a movie …

  6. “Buster, Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off… but it’s better if you do.”

  7. Heygirrrl

    WOW socialitelife!!! You have REALLY jumped the shark!! WAY TO GO!!!

  8. Rob

    These nipples were made for walking….

  9. Bradley Woods

    Natalie Portman

  10. ll

    The “Caption It” is the only thing on this site I don’t like. This one is particularly stupid. Sorry!

  11. the guy from behind

    Daaaaamn what a badonkadonk!

  12. Anon

    Wish I could get a little Closer

  13. melly

    ll – I definitely agree…I love this site, but all these “caption its” are a bit annoying…I always think they have run out of other things to post when I see these!

  14. chris

    i’m in love.

  15. Mahgen

    the guys face is screaming.. “damn she’s not wearing a bra”.. i dont think he even realizes it’s natalie portman…

  16. mary

    People, as someone has mentioned, this was a still from the movie closer. The guy in the back is probably an actor who was told to do the “damn!” expression – part of the movie.

  17. lila

    natalie portman, what an angel in Closer. its so funny to see all the guys faces as she passes them by. and the look on jude law’s face when he finds out she lied to him the whole time, its hilarious. plus now with the fact that he’s cheated twice, on his then wife and now sienna miller. lol

  18. Mariana

    Too much caption it.

  19. Anon

    Um, Hello? It’s from the film “Closer.” The guy gawking is a hired actor. Though I suspect she gets this kind of attention on a regular basis, yea?

  20. *Micah*

    I wonder if she knows she’s leaking?

  21. That guy over there

    “I’d eat the corn outta her shit.”

  22. The Kochotale Candy FUNKYBaby

    wa wa wa…..BANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Julie

    “Hey! Isn’t that Queen Amidala?!”

  24. b

    I think it’s Monica Bellucci.

  25. oliverstwist

    maybe if i look angry and walk fast a guy will notice me and make a funny face.

  26. wtf, why are you guys stupid &* can’t tell who it is??? it’s natalie portman
    um hello

  27. Jerrod

    Man gawking a portman: “Good Night! That beast isnt wearing a bra … Yuck!!!”

  28. J

    Bullshit… we don’t think about sex all day. DAMN girl, I would love to…

  29. Lily

    Eww, me don’t like Caption It’s either. Boring, annoying, pathetic, desperate…no thankyouverymuch!

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