Caption It! #34

July 15th, 2005 // 43 Comments

(Image via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Karen

    Madonna loves cocks

  2. Patti

    Simple. “Lady Madonna.”

  3. Not even Martha gets that dressed up to feed her chickens.

  4. PoorWhiteChav

    The house sits in a landscape of unimaginable beauty, dramatic hills rising on all sides, and then your eyes fall on your bitch neighbor from Queens feeding the chickens on her front lawn and think, “Chav!”

  5. Only Madonna could get away with feeding Photoshopped chickens. Then again, she’s looking particularly Photoshopped herself.

  6. Emil

    Like A Cock-Server

  7. Me

    “You say chicken. I say head. CHICKENHEAD!”

  8. Terry

    Madonna is old, tired and lame. She is running out of ideas. Done the geisha thing. Done the dominatrix thing. Done kabbalah. I guess old matronly british lady is next? Lame.

  9. *Micha*

    Old habits die hard!

  10. phoenix

    she doesn’t even look like MADONNA!!! i thought it was Lisa Marie Presley! HAHAHHAHAHAAAHAHA

  11. cynda

    thank ya’ll sooo much for not being impressed w/this bullsh** !!

  12. beetlesque

    Recreating her “Like a Virgin” performance for the middle-aged set, Madge channels her inner Martha.

  13. Sarah G-S

    Who’s the old hen?

  14. Brianna

    You all are just jealous that, at nearly 47, she’s got it all. Several magnificant homes, a husband, two kids, and more money than all of you will ever earn in your lifetimes combined! She didn’t succumb to drugs and alcoholism, and she’s got an amazing body too! Let’s face it, you’re tits would be sagging around your ankles by now!

  15. Terry

    Brianna, take a pill.

  16. Sam

    “You’re” is “you are”. “Your” is what you wanted to use, Brianna. Now not only have you exposed yourself (you’reself?) as someone who is dumb enough to worship some ridiculous celebrity, you’ve shown us that the type of person who does so lacks a command of the basic rules of English.

  17. mason

    Terry – Everyone else got into the humor of the picture, and made their comments about that (quite amusingly I might add). It says a lot about you, and I don’t even know you, that you would instead try and belittle, deminsih, and basically whine about Madonna.

    cynda – girl you’re on a gossip page. what are you doin’? people who go to gossip pages are, at some level, impressed by the bullsh*t. or else we’d be reading the new criterion or the economist.

    lastly my comment:

    “When I was younger my dreams of servicing a lot of cocks wasn’t like this at ALL.”

  18. mason

    Sam – It’s a sad day when someone such as yourself, ie intelectually aware enough to use correct grammar every single second of every single day, is willing to show their true colors by picking on someone. It must make you feel so powerful.

    Yes there’s some irony in that statement, which might be coupled with tongue-in-cheek or even hypocrisy. I’ll let you choose.

  19. A Poster

    Madonna? I thought it was Uma Thurman!

  20. Galloway


  21. cynda

    mason – i am successful, foxy early 50′s (no tits round my ankles) and know that “all that glitters is not gold – nothing is as it appears”

  22. RubbRubb

    “Pip pip, cheerio me sweet little chickens! Tally-ho and carry on, wot-wot!”

  23. vien

    thats my dream job! whores, chickens and cheap

  24. omfg

    “Let them eat corn!”

  25. stevienixed

    Madonna or Scarlett Johanson?

  26. kitkat

    Mason, take a pill.

  27. papa

    “how many dumb chicks can you find in this picture”

  28. Brianna

    Sam, get a life.

  29. glitterjar

    Is that Duchess Maddona the Kabbala whore?

  30. Jack

    Maddona? Still a cock magnet.

  31. Jen

    Why is it that nowdays whenever someone sees a photo they go PHOTOSHOPPED.
    Whatever, not everything is photoshopped, losers

  32. Hello? May I eat this? The botox hurts. Are we having chicken for dinner?

  33. R

    I thought it was Kirsten Dunst. Small picture.

  34. Just a thought

    What makes everyone think that is Madonna.The woman in the picture looks nothing like her.The only resemblance is the blond hair, and I dont think she would do advertisement for real estate.

  35. homage to a photo of the marvelous duchess of devonshire in a ballgown, feeding her chickens. madonna is a p*ss poor imitation.

  36. Amanda

    Madge hasn’t been seen with that many cocks since “Sex.”

  37. At our house, every cock gets service with a smile.

  38. Simon

    Honey, you are still from Michigan and always will be.

  39. bitty boop

    Is this June Cleaver? Oh, no, it’s the cone-bra Queen herself! Oh my God, this picture is hilarious! my favorite comment so far is Karen, short, simple & to the point….Madonna loves cocks!!!

  40. Alex

    I dont know why you are all making such a big deal out of this… This was a photo shoot with such a theme for Vogue Magazine. The latest issue will be out next week. Funny how she still gets under a lot of your own skin and she is still rockin it after 20 years.

  41. oliverstwist

    madonna and chickens.

  42. oliverstwist

    p.s. she wears heels to feed her chickens.

  43. J

    Hehe… They’re just like my fans. I put sh*t out and they just keep following me… hehe.

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