Caption It! #32

July 13th, 2005 // 47 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Just a few more seconds…almost done…there! I’ll see you during our next publicity shoot. The check is in the mail.

  2. Tracy

    over it

  3. Danielle

    Tom!!! Remember, you are kissing a girl now, damn it. I’m getting tired of having to constantly remind you. You’re not paying me enough for this crap.

  4. neeshad patel

    i would change places with her in a sec….

  5. Kristina

    I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this.

  6. The Cruise Missile introduces Katie to the Scientology method of face mating. The world cringes.

  7. Brandon Thompson

    I’m storming your castle on my stead my lady!

  8. Jersey

    The “honeymoon stage” doesn’t last forever.

  9. kaite

    Move your head over a little Tom, I need to see the ring if I’m going to do this…

  10. e

    One brain shared – returning it (or borrowing it) via mouth to mouth… (YUCK!)

  11. Debbie

    He’s sucking the life out of her!

  12. laura

    If I say you are magnificent again can you please stop kissing me

  13. chingchoi

    Wow! Rob Thomas tastes great!

  14. amy Donnelly

    one missississippi
    two mississippi
    three mississippi….

  15. gosh… if this is how he kisses I have zero desire to see how he is with some serious slap & tickle

    oh, wait…it’s fake… never mind

  16. suezee


  17. “I just sucked five years of your life away…”

  18. KatiesThoughtBubble

    So that’s what cock tastes like!

  19. Jamesy

    Alright Kate, our movies are doing well this summer so we will only have to kiss for 5 minutes now instead of the 10 minute prerelease kiss. Speaking of release, can I call you Colin?

  20. busybody

    Gosh! He is so intense. Do you see the veins bulging from his neck.

    He IS still handsome though. Kookie as he is.

  21. Doing Research, AKA Working

    “See! I am TOO an actress!”

  22. *Micha*

    Tom! Katie! Take 20! Action! :P

  23. matte

    i think i threw up in my mouth a little bit…


    Katie to Tom:See my mouth is as big as your head!

  25. glibinator

    why are u doing this? do you like thinking less of people?

  26. ru

    must eat brains!!!

  27. discoassassin

    Muwhahahahahahaha…now I will suck the life out of your very existence and your essence will be mine…mine(in loud booming scary voice) and I shall rule the world from the very nether regions of this tiny planet.(i.e the local scientology temple down the street)

  28. ksaw

    When will this shit be over!!!! I’m tired of them. Please please please crawl under a rock.

  29. margot

    no witty quip. that just looks awful.

    did anyone notice that ms. holmes is trying to pull out mr. cruise’s hair? maybe in an attempt to keep him from draining her of too much blood.

  30. casiobeat

    kinda reminds me of the movie “aliens”, except the implantation of alien species is via oral suction. ew.

  31. mary

    I think Im going to throw up. I dunno why they’re doing this. Didn’t the Jlo-Ben Affleck pathetic of a relationship and publicity stunts teach them anything?

    I guess these two losers want their careers to go downhill….

  32. /-\Alexander/-\

    He looks as if he’s reluctanly kissing an overbearing relative.

    …Or a girl with venereal diseases.
    mmm. Tasty.

  33. JT

    “I’m rich I’m rich I’m rich I’m rich”

    (Doesn’t it look like she’s pulling away from him?)

  34. kelly

    scientology brainwashing is in effect

  35. I can still taste my cum in your mouth. Mmmmmm!

  36. If I keep my eyes closed, and try real hard, I can pretend she’s a guy……….

  37. Michelle

    Looks very unnatural indeed. I’ve noticed a certain amount of dominance on Katie’s part. There’s one pic I’ve seen with her arm around his shoulder as they’re walking and then this one where she’s grasping his head. It’s just odd that she’s the one in control.

  38. Mini Me

    Does anyone else think this looks like a Mommy bird feeding a baby bird? Odd…

  39. Tom Cruise sucks the aliens out of Katie Holmes to complete her conversion

  40. Rebekah

    The words “suck face” never rang truer.

  41. josh

    Katie to Tom :”8 Million for THIS much smooching in public? I need a raise and revise our contract to just one kiss on the cheek in public and no touching in private.”

  42. Is that . . . feces?

  43. bb

    why cant they just kiss nicely.

    it always looks so contrived, or like they need to do it right then and there

  44. bitty boop

    one word—”EWWWWWW!!”

    and, Jack, actually, he is IMPLANTING the aliens to complete her conversion.

    Please, TomKat, we are SOOO over you!!

  45. Jean Jeannie

    And the winner for the best performance by a female actor goes to….TOM CRUISE! For his portrayal of a disturbed straight man. Next time take a workshop on kissing.

  46. Cashmere Balls

    I think Katie is the “man” in this relationship.

  47. Nicole

    It’s like the Michael Jackson/Lisa Marie kiss reincarnated…

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