Caption It! #31

July 12th, 2005 // 29 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kat

    I’m not sure tying those horrendous shirts up in a knot really helped…

  2. never mind the caption… lets talk about how horrific his hair looks… he can not (and most people should not) carry the bleached out surfer look

  3. Yllek

    I saw him there at the MotoGP race on Sunday. Say what you like about his hair – he still looked fab!

  4. Kristina

    One of these girls got me sick. Blah. I have the flu.

  5. JC

    Hoochies, Brad. Brad, Hoochies.

  6. qtlibrarian

    Is it my imagination or do those women have the largest bellybuttons ever????

  7. C

    He doesnt look terribly happy to be there does he?

  8. Laura

    Helping starving children everywhere

  9. DW

    Like, oh my gosh, his hair is the same color as our shirts!

  10. props

    Laura’s comment = hahaha! Nice!

  11. Ironically, the brunette is the only natural blonde in the bunch. Welcome to Hollywood!

  12. 420

    I would rather be having kinky sex with Angelina then be here with these ugly bitches

  13. Trish

    Brad Pitt was admitted in to the hospital today with severe cootie symptoms from the disease “bimboslutitis”. The disease is believed to be contagious and is said to come from the insides of unusually large navels. “It is not known HOW Brad came in to contact with this disease”, the actor’s rep. said.

  14. Caption #1: “One of these things just doesn’t belong”
    Caption #2: Blonde Pitt on Blondes and one Brunette

  15. Hulagirl

    O.K…..did these chicks steal the Brad Pitt wax dummy from the Madame Tussaud’s display? He looks like wax or plastic in this photo! Are we sure this is the real Brad and not some fake Brad?

  16. Damian

    If I’m Brad Pitt, I’m probably not doing anything to get me confused with Corey Feldman.

  17. JT

    “I’ve pissed on cuter girls than these.”

  18. Mick


  19. Finally he is at where he deserves after splitting with that ugly Jennifer.
    She was ugly with that weird big jaw, huge saggy ears.

  20. ashley

    Could that girl’s stomach and belly button be any bigger. gross.

  21. stephib82

    Brad: I am sooo much prettier than these ho’s

  22. trueblue

    Brad thinks “god it smells like fish here”

  23. discoassassin

    MAREESA: “Like oh my kelly,Im soooo trying to pose for that wiseass woodie from celebrities uncensored and grit my teeth while this blonde guy is like seriously, probing my butt…Ewwwww” KELLY: “Oh, like Mareesa just grin and pose, grin and pose, like I so know what you are like saying, like I cant believe how dumb he looks….Um like..who is he anyway..I just love his tone..who do you think does it…loreal or clairol” GRETCHEN:”oh girls… it’s so nutrisse…..and purlease, as if justin timberlake would use loreal “

  24. maverick

    “Life in the Pit(t) Lane!”

  25. MrVDO

    Caption 1

    “Where the hell am I … ??”

    Caption 2

    “Hhmmm …… adoption.”

  26. ilostmyshoe

    Taking a cue from bed mate Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt decides to adopt some children. Pictured are 3 neglected members of the Yamaha Street Team.

  27. JimmyTee

    Yama ha ha ha…

  28. margot

    or yama ho ho HO…

    regarding the belly button comments— they do boob jobs through your belly button now. minimal scarring.

  29. lala

    Q: okay now we know how they are different, but how are they alike?
    A: all of them have dicks.

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