Caption It! #30

July 12th, 2005 // 18 Comments

(Image via A Beastmarkets Daily Companion)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lissa

    Look at my new purse bitches!

  2. lolz

    jessica: $867 for this hot baby

    nick (thinking): whatever happend to my reality show i was supp to have?

  3. “Look Nick I found an over priced hideously fugly purse!”…”yea yea, whatever, when can I see you in those daisy dukes again?”

  4. Britany

    Jessica: ” Oh I love this new purse”
    Nick: ” God I wish i could get this food out of my teeth”

  5. A Poster

    Nick, couln’t you have waited to go until we got home? Did you have to use my purse!?!

  6. blahface

    why does she have to wear heels with everything? sometimes it just weird.

  7. Jamesy

    Can we be anymore Brit-Line? They so tried to be us and now we are trying to be them. Don’t forget to drop your pants just a bit more hun, Kevin always wears his way low. Well, not too low you don’t want to show your itty-bitty pee pee to the world.

  8. MarcSpice

    “Nick….why are you doing that Ryan Phillippe thing with your mouth?”

    Nick!!!! Stop trying to look like Ryan Phillippe!



  9. Jessica: “Hey Nick, At the sound of this purse hitting the ground, our 15 minutes will officially be over.”
    Nick: “Who are you kidding? That purse hit the ground a year ago.”

  10. katie

    “Nick, if you talk to me again, im doing ALL of the blow thats in this purse! All of it!”

  11. shucks

    J. simpson has short legs thats why she always wears stupid platform shoes with every single outfit!! including this hideous sweater and 6 inches shoes!!

  12. /-\Alexander/-\

    Nick always looks better when he’s scruffy. I don’t like his “Seacrest-Out” look.

  13. stephib82

    Isn’t Jessica Simpson starting a clothing line, to capture her “legendary style.” Grody sweats, designer hand bag, and heals are not what I call style… it’s a cry for help.

  14. Lindsay

    “Is this Louis or Gucci? I mean I know that it has the Louis logo on it, but I thought their bags were brown.”

  15. a new bag to cover up my weekly lip colagen injections.

  16. alicia

    Jessica : Look everyone Nick just got a new $300,000.

    Nick: Look everyone I just bought a $300,000 purse I can’t afford. (Maybe she will finally give me some ass)

  17. ilostmyshoe

    See this purse…Nick’s balls are inside.

  18. lala

    like the shoes on jessica everything else sucks. and I mean EVERYTHING.

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