Caption It! #28

July 7th, 2005 // 14 Comments

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Rob

    “I thought you had the coke!”
    “NO…I thought YOU did!!”

  2. MTC

    Hey, who knew George Romero was already shooting his next movie?

  3. Pete Doherty: “What the CRAP did I just sit on?!?!?”
    Kate Moss: “Where’d my coke spoon go?”
    Others: “Huuuggghhhhhh……”

  4. kathie

    “A million excuses run through Pete’s drug addled mind as Kate asks him if he’s seen her little daughter.”

  5. monster

    Who’s got the craaaaack?!

  6. ilostmyshoe

    Isn’t that Elton John’s boyfriend sitting next to Kate ?

    A motley crue if ever I saw.

  7. Terry

    Wow — Brits are possibly uglier than Americans.

  8. liz

    whats wrong with the picture???

  9. A. R. Smith

    I was looking for my last hotdog in Nathan’s dog eating contest.

  10. Kate: Hedi I thought we were supposed to be with fashion set not the rejects.

    Hedi: Karl set us up good this time!

    Furnish: Hedi its so great of you to let me tag along…….

  11. /-\Alexander/-\

    Damn. Her boyfriend is just hard to look at. I don’t even want to hear those “But he looks like a real person…like us non-celebrities” comments, either. Jesus Christ on a cracker…ew.

  12. Ashley

    LOL, these comments are too funny! I agree Pete Doherty is really hard to look at. My eyes just hurt when I look at his face. HE IS SOOOO NOT CUTE! lol

  13. Kate's great

    Terry: Really freakin intelligent. The brits have just suffered a terrorist attack. You are a right tosser!

  14. “Kate – quick – I just sat on my syringe!!!”

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