Caption It! #27

July 6th, 2005 // 25 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Julie

    I think I’m going to throw up. Again.

  2. moss

    Although I live an otherwise empty existence, since I have no looks, talent, brains or usefulness besides providing jackoff fantasies for dirty old men who have a stick-figure twin fetish, at least, BY GOD MY NAILS ARE DONE.

  3. moss

    umm… I’m assuming that’s an olsen. Because if it looks depressed and is engaged in a time wasting, vanity pumping activity

  4. Eve

    She’s getting her nails done. What’s the big deal? Lots of people get their nails done, no need to attack.

    And I think this is the non-stick figure olsen. Good for her.

  5. moss

    the reason is, that all she or most celebrities does is shop and primp, and it’s just….. eh.. what a boring life.

  6. betty Boop

    Just because someone likes to “shop and Primp” doesnt mean they have a boring life. To each his own and if thats what they want to do why not? I am sure they think w/e you do is boring. And Whatever I do is boring.

  7. “Oh, that mark? I dunno – probably from when Ashley dropped the crack pipe on my hand….”

  8. I can’t compete, you guys are hilarious!

  9. James

    *Paula A. told me to stay clear of this place but I’m sure my stomach acid will kill any harmful bacteria this bitch didn’t clean off since she did someone else’s nails. Want to get a salad?*

  10. wrong

    Wtf you talking this girl is thick, take a look at her thighs oh and she has a big ass too lol its true.

  11. Damian

    Guys, I’m sure Fiona Apple wouldn’t like you comparing her to Ashley Olsen.

  12. Eva Twen: (Of Eva Twen’s Beauty Salon) “Mary Kate always insist we no touch her pinky nail. She like it grow really long so she can ‘play in snow’ whatever that mean. We assume she have custom mitten. Who know? We get better tip when ask no question.”

  13. charley

    OMG, she’s getting her nails done. I bet 98% of the women reading this have gotten theirs done before. And about 7% of the men. Let it go.

  14. God I am so hungry. I wonder what a nail file taste like? I wonder how many carbs it has?

  15. Antigone

    Bitch sister ate what!!!

  16. Bethany

    Bubble thought above her head…”I hope she gets the throwup chunks out from under my nails.”

  17. Sam

    That’s Ashley, not Mary Kate. And what else would any other teenage girl be doing on summer break? Please people, you all primp… you’re blogging on a “socialite’s life”.

  18. Sarah

    You guys are idiots for saying she needs to eat. Get your facts right. This is Ashley Olsen, NOT Mary-Kate. Ashley Olsen look perfectly healthy!!

  19. Hodgie

    Right on ashley get your primp on! theres no need to bash her for wanting her nails to look good

  20. barf bag

    She shouldn’be getting a manicure. She should be taking a shower.

  21. BingoBob

    Miss Lee thought she had done the nails of all types, until the Gelfling walked in.

  22. ilostmyshoe

    I’m so hungry. I wonder how many calories that manicurist over there is ?

    mmmm…mmmm…so so hungry.

  23. Katie

    …Hm, I am probably wrong, but that looks more like JLO.

    And so what if celebrities are normal people?! If she wants her nails done, let her get her frickin nails done. Geesh. People seem to think that celebrities are gods, guess what, they’re REAL people! They breathe and carry on life processes just like us, so leave them alone.

  24. JAne

    “I wonder how many calories are in nail shavings…”

  25. HAHA… barf bags comment!

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