Caption It! #26

July 5th, 2005 // 48 Comments

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Brian

    A fashion DON’T to the extreme

  2. Steve

    Good Lord! What is wrong with that guy? It kind looks like he’s doing the robot for change on a street corner somewhere.

  3. Mini Me

    Someone please tell him to relax – we still have a few months until Labor Day!

  4. December

    It’s the GLAD garbage man!

  5. Kyle

    Where is his fan???!!! Poor Karl is going to over heat without it!

  6. A Boy and His Dog

    OK, I’ve had it, enough with the Tom Cruise photos already.

  7. *Micha*

    Karl L. does an hommage to “Boss Hogg” just in time for the release of Dukes of Hazzard. “He’s my fav!,” he lisped.

  8. Rob

    Karl thought Madonna asked him to be a back up dancer for her Live 8 performance….poor thing looks confused.

  9. john

    Heaven must be missing an angel.

  10. reesha

    WHO’S BAD! dun-dun-dun-dat-dun…

  11. VERY early for this year’s White Party (or late for last year’s).

  12. Spaghetti Lee

    What would be good right now is if that “Hot Buttered Popcorn” music was playing and he started doing “the robot”

  13. Vickysha

    Michael Jackson at retirement. Who knew his “golden years” would be so bright?

  14. sizzle

    isnt that bill from kill bill?

  15. spankie

    I cannot tell a lie…I did chop down the fashion tree.

  16. Ru

    the gay radio is missing a clown

  17. akadrenalinegirl

    okay two things come to mind, alright three…
    1. ow!
    2. how does he avoid getting any makeup on those ridiculous white collars?
    3. you know he’s wearing a girdle!

    okay and again…ow

  18. pinkpop

    tennis, anyone?

  19. Jamesy

    Stick ‘em up partner there’s a new sherrif in town! Quick deputy, my fan if you will.

  20. “I got chills…they’re multiply’n.”

  21. “Pistols, please…”

  22. Julie

    The Evil Spawn of an Imperial Storm Trooper and Wild Bill Hickock.

    (And, I agree… Ow!)

  23. lala

    must, remain, still, wedgie, killing…….softly…….

  24. raceyt

    Colonel Sanders returns from heaven but finds himself questioning whether his new ‘workplace casual’ outfit will be accepted by the KFC Executive Team.

  25. Jon

    Oh Mom, did you have to wear “that” outfit??!!! :)

  26. /-\Alexander/-\

    Karl Lagerfield decides to dress in the articles of clothing he designed for H&M. He didn’t know any better.

  27. Katie Holmes

    A surefire way to ensure you get your period early…wear this ensemble.

  28. Iggu

    Like a rhinestone cowboy…..

  29. Shannon

    Billy Jean is not my lover.

  30. My god!! It really is Karl Lagerfeld isn’t it? I was hoping it was all a big joke!!

  31. Glitterjar

    King Karl may be a genius in reinventing the House of Chanel, but PLEASE, your Royal Highness, get a grip, you are an antique, 80yr? please save us from bleeding your eyes and just let us enjoy your fashion creations for Chanel and Fendi and DRESS YOUR AGE.You look worst than Liberace.At least he was adorned with diamonds and mink.

  32. ilostmyshoe

    This from a designer who says I’m too fat to wear his crappy H&M Line.

    Apologies ahead of time if this gets posted with the Aaron Carter photo. I still haven’t figured out to post. Must need more booze.

  33. Marissa

    Because nothing says class and couture like male camel toe.

    Mamel Toe, if you will.

  34. Jack

    Like a VIRGIN!

  35. Jerrod

    Mommy- I’m, scared!!!!!

  36. Shuuuuut up

    That frightens the shit out of me.

  37. Ram

    “Now, if I could just remember why I got all dressed up in the first place…”

  38. Terry

    damn i’m in the wrong movie, i should been in “Lagerfeld and the cowboys” and not “Lagerfeld and the gayboys”

  39. whatusay

    Is he drooling? and where was this picture taken…Beirut!?!?

  40. LuvChoo

    Trying out for a new Glenn Campbell video.

  41. kissy

    White, not so slimming.

  42. JoeG

    I thought Ricardo Montalban was dead!

  43. I was told that the high collars are to hold the “bobble-head” on the stick figure.

  44. after causing a four car pile up when the midday sun gleamed off him, the persil spokesman was finally granted bail

  45. Blueprynt

    can someone plz tell him the fashion trend has change from the time it took him to get to earth from heaven

  46. killer

    Christ almighty- the light is too bright……

  47. mikel delux

    Oh My – karl largerfeld finally dops acid.

  48. sagi94109

    Ennis DelMar (Heath Ledger) gone wrong – 20 years later.

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