Caption It! #25

July 1st, 2005 // 58 Comments

(Image via media martini)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Elle

    Yeah….this isn’t a job bank or the classifieds…

  2. Denise

    JODIE! Please use for this type of garbage.

    Mariah, lay off sniffing the glue!
    Did the poor guy even get a copy of the photo or is it in the mail?!

  3. Rachael

    I hope this is fake, I mean come on the photo makes NO SENSE! I love her and all but I guess once famous people start announcing nick names that make no sense to the rest of the world…. except to the crazies that follow them.

  4. lala

    mia- The man probably wanted to take a picture with her! Is that so far-fetched?

    JUST STOP POSTING. Quit while your behind honey, before you get severly burned (like befor) by yours truly.
    And really, stop posting these forwarded emails here. This isn’t just any so so site. Have some respect.

  5. PicturesfortheHomeless

    You to can look like you give a shit about the poor and hungry with our new backdrop for school photos. Why stick with the over used cloudy sky when you can stand beside,not touching fully, the homeless.

    Poor guy doesn’t even look like he’s part of the picture since she made sure she was the most prominent thing in that picture.

  6. Hodgie

    I seriously doubt that she gave a shit about this guy, im sure its just some publicity stunt with all the Live 8 stuff going on. She needs to go far far away and recuperate from whatever drugs she has been taking these past years. Better yet, maybe she should be on drugs and then shell realize what a crazy bitch she is!

  7. Jack

    I do windows too!

  8. “A picture with “FORMERLY” known as an 12 incher? SURE!” said Mariah Carey

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